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Monday, June 18, 2012

a deck and father's day.

He starts stirring at 4:30am.
I know what's happening....he's got a project on his mind.
One hour later I get up to close the bedroom windows. 
Determined hammering and the sun is barely over the hills.

Jake built a deck on Saturday. 
Something he had wanted to do before the baby came, 
so OFFICIALLY, we are ready! 

The kids were by his side most of the time and he was so gracious with them....except when they kept trying to refill the six, 3 foot deep post holes, which he was digging by hand to avoid hitting the sewer line. BEAST I tell ya, beast!! 

This was where I perched for most of the day. 
Watching this supernatural man do his thing, he's so astounding to watch, like a force of nature! I got my notes of encouragement ready for the big day!
verses, quotes, short lines to keep repeating while I'm in labor. 
my brother asked me if one of them says "why hast Thou forsaken me?" LOL. 
I did say that my theme verse this week is 
"be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act." psalm 47:7. 

and we could throw in psalm 6:4 too, (slightly out of context)!
 "turn, o Lord, and deliver me!!"  

i'm still feeling great.
very tired of course with getting up so often at night. i'm just taking it easy around home during the day. Psychologically it's getting harder though. how can 9 months fly by and one week go SO SLOW!!??  SO READY to meet this SWEET BABY STOLTZFUS!!!!  

In typical Jake-style, he worked and drank and barely ate. He kept saying he wasn't hungry and he was drinking TONS of stuff.  He was "having so much fun!" (what the heck)?  He truly was so motivated as this was something he's been wanting to do for years. I can imagine it felt wonderful as this is part of what he does for others every day, but never enjoys the fruit of his own labors.....

Needless to say the kids loved it.  
Jake learned by watching and hopes his children will do the same.
Especially his clone, Luke.  At his side practically the entire day, working and sweating and digging and filling and drinking "refreshing water."
Jake gave him money at the end of the day. 
He was delighted. 

And of course Paisley-girl would not be left in the dust, 

 15 hours later and this is what we had!!!!
It's beautiful.  Still needs the steps and railing and some finishing touches, but for the most part, it's completed....and being enjoyed!!

Father's Day greetings. 
cards~love~kisses~gifts~breakfast in bed.

and of course, some time on the deck!!


He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, 
and let me watch him do it.  
~Clarence Budington Kelland~


Mrs. Fisher said...

ADORABLE POST! I have been dreaming of my back porch for years now, just one of these days I know it will happen and like you when it does, I WILL BE SITTING ON IT DAILY!!

CountryMidwife said...

Is that Pais bare bummed wearing a tool belt? Can anything be cuter? You are so blessed J! I "borrow" Amish men friends often to help me keep house and am soo, sooo grateful to them. Can't imagine the glory of having a handy man all my own!