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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

capri days

Hello all. 
we're doing well here in our home, 
2 weeks since adding a new soul.
adjusting to our new normal, our new sweet sunshine.
she has made it easy to say the least, (it's still hard at times because I'm tired, but for the most part this adjustment has been my easiest...I attribute it to the ages of the older 3 children.  Makes SUCH a difference having older kids around)! 
for real though, she is
our first outing was last week, swimming at my sister's house. she slept the entire time in the gazebo. summer breezes all around her. 

i'm getting my creative energy out by creating facebook 
"cover photos" over at  so fun!  
here is one of my favs from july 4th.

also i've been doing a little redecorating too.  added some "nautical" touches to the living room last week.
i miss the beach so badly.
so i brought it home.

Seriously loved little girl!
The older children are CONSTANTLY asking to hold her.
They love her so much. 
Paisley and Luke don't say their letter r's quite clearly yet so the way they say her name is just ridiculously cute!

one week old.
she looks so much older.
she stares a hole right into your soul.
not many smiles, very inquisitive.
very much like the moment she was born, 
(i WILL share her birth story, it's just taking time to write). 

Coffee with Capri.

Ruche has a new line of clothing.
it's not even right.

This is where I find my girls 
most of the day!
I'm so thankful for our little "nook", it's just right for Capri
and Paisley loves to pull her chair up and be with her sister.
loves it. 

My Paisley-girl is growing up so fast!!
and boy, can she TALK!! she's so expressive and tells stories with such gusto!  I love interacting with her.
she's feisty too, don't get me wrong! 
SUGAR AND SPICE and everything nice! :)

Almost time for the midnight feeding so I better get going.  I'm not a scheduled feeder by nature, wasn't with my other children either, more of an on-demand nurser, but Capri has fallen nicely into the 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm feedings all by herself so I'm going with it.....although some nights I just don't go to bed until after this feeding, (normally we're in bed by 10)....I know I'm going to have to wake up anyway, so what's 2 extra hours?  :)

"People who say they sleep like a baby 
usually don't have one."
  ~Leo J. Burke~


consume me... said...

Sitting on a wrap around porch in OCNJ...catching up on your family and taking a deep breathe of salt air in your honor. Love the pics of Capri and seeing her fit right into the rhythm of your family. She is precious. Enjoy today...

Kelli said...

Welcome back! Your little one is just beautiful!
Your family room looks wonderful and very beachy :) I love the beach as well.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

you really make the transition of 3 to 4 look effortless. you just seem so content & at peace! LOVE IT! :)

& paisley! ha! she's a riot! love seeing her at VBS this week. her "sugar & spice" make me laugh.out.loud!!

i still want to do your laundry & bring you some kind of meal!! its on my mind to do ;) cause i want to....!

& lastly...i've ALWAYS (since we were little & discovering music in your bedroom on Swan Rd...singing our hearts out to whatever our favorite song of the day was.) loved your music selections...& not sure where you found "Charlena Soraia" but.... I LOVE THE SONG on your play list!!


Bess said...

LOVE! And you moved your painting...I like it! :)

Cate said...

Capri looks like such a sweet baby! I love her name, and your living room. We just got a sand box and so now there is always sand in our bed and all over the it kind of feels like were always at the beach...sort of!

so happy I discovered your blog :)