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Sunday, August 26, 2012

school starts tomorrow

tomorrow morning i will say goodbye to my sweet guy. 
i can hardly type it. 
 i am so excited for him and kinda sad for me. 
 thankful for the beautiful daily life we share together. 
 i will miss him here, his imagination that infuses every hour. 
 his presence. his conversation. 
be good to him world. 

And tomorrow marks an extra special day for our Lukie.
The very first, first day of school. 
He's so excited and has all his things in order.
He doesn't seem scared or nervous right now, but confident.
I will miss his happy play, his endless inventions. 
I'm grateful he will only be gone half the day, 
from 12:30-3:30. 
My baby isn't a baby anymore. 
He's strong.
and independent.
and ready. 

It's almost midnight.
I had am having a good cry. 
They don't need me quite so much 
and that's the way it should be, but letting go is hard. 

I love you boys so much. 

"The days are long but the years are short."
~Mom’s wisdom~


Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

i am so with you girl. had my own good cry yesterday too so that i could put on my smile and send them off this morning! :)

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...
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Anonymous said...

i cried a few of my own tears along with you.
maddie headed off today and didn't hesitate a beat! she is ready & therefore, so am i! : )
i embrace this new season along with you.

fleurcottage said...

we raise our kids to become adults but the transition isn't easy on the heart of a mother! i'm finding as a grandma it's kinda the same feeling - the grand boys grow out of wanting to be kissed at a certain age but thankfully that comes back again - it's just different! oh sigh...but we do want them to grow up! :) Esther

Bess said...

I hear ya...I cried when she wasn't looking, then celebrate her excitement and happiness with her. Caedon is missing his big sister during the day, though, when it's just him and I. He doesn't like it that Danae's gone all day, 5 days a week. :/