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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

all in a days work

yeah, I won't post a photo with this particular post. it began like any other day, (minus my one 18 month old son being in rare form...I don't think he's felling well). Anyway, this particular son decides to take his diaper off, (I had taken his pj's off and thought he was headed upstairs, where he would be dressed for the day), alas, he made a pit stop in the kitchen, climbed upon my new CREAM colored chair, took his diaper off, pooped on the chair and smeared it on the window....all this in less then 60 seconds! yes, the joys, the glamour, the fabulousness of mothering!!

oh, and I hit my head so hard today I thought I would cry, I was picking up toys and forgot about the shelf sitting nicely above my head. I knocked everything off, it was quite the should have seen the boys eyes. I cleaned it all up and asked them to kiss my head, then I felt better.

went to the grocery store to get out. that was fun. seriously, it was. I go to this Amish place called BB's, (bent and bruised, or bruised and bargains, or something along those lines). I decided to head out around 3:25, they close at 4! So, it was a good little outing for all. It's like a treasure hunt, this place, you never know what you'll find. It's 8 p.m. and I believe I will put the children to bed, make some cookies, pour a cup of cold milk and watch the Presidential's just another day.

"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
Ed Asner~

p.s. tom b., got some of your favorite oj at bb's today...stop on by for it when you're home again!
*"Another Day" by Paul McCartney


Vickie said...

Oh Sweetheart! I have had days like that. The Ed Asner qoute is PERFECT!!! Enjoy the cookies and milk. I've just gotten "Stories From the Dad Side." by Steve Doocy today...a b-day present. I'm snuggling in to read that. I may find a "cream chair, naked baby" story in there! Enjoy your night...xoxoxoxo

Jena said...

Oh, friend the joys of poop smearing, I have a story like that too...did you get my email about Friday?
love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shrish, shrish, shrish, shrish, shhhhhhrish!! =)

Anonymous said...

Janelle,Your story made me laugh!Reminded me of the time Livi pooped in the gazebo at mom and dads:)I'll be home thursday to get the OJ!!!Thanks Alot!You are lovely lady!!!!!!!-TDB

Anonymous said...

we all have days like that, don't we. we missed you last night at book club, although we didn't talk about the book much. mostly chatted.
hope to see you friday. check your email. sent you something in regards to our get together.

: ) miss you friend.

Bess said...

Oh boy...getting peed on, pooped, on...yes, mothering is glamorous indeed! :o)