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Sunday, October 5, 2008


Here's the beginnings of the short film I was honored to have a part of, directed by Gentry Austin. It was a change for me, working with film instead of theatre. I'm use to performing on stage and having only one shot to get it right, but this time was different. It wasn't only about me and how I felt in that scene....the lighting had to be right, the props in place, the other actors/actresses had to be on cue and finally the Director had to be pleased. It was an emotionally draining few days, but well worth it. My character went through some rough times in life and I was intent on portraying her as best I could. I'll keep you posted on the final product, which I have no doubt will be amazing!!!


Jena said...

I am really excited to see his and your work... I am so proud of you my friend for stepping out in this way... I love how you are fearless...

Anonymous said...

janelle was amazing! she gave it her all!

i really need my computer to start working so i can edit. bad timing for a system to crash.

plus, i'm pretty sure we have another scene to shoot. wait, i'm definetley sure. we need to get that on the calendar.

i keep forgettting to tell you but when we did the read through for the dinner theater - EVERYONE WAS CRACKING UP! Cheers to you my creative friend!

Anonymous said...

and i really mean CRACKING UP! it was a great moment. wish you could have been there to see it!