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Monday, June 28, 2010

North East, Maryland

We were LONG overdue for a date night.
LIFE can catch up with you pretty quick and suddenly your more like roommates, then lovers.
I'm not okay with that.

We wanted something different, some new scenery, and as my hubby said,
"let's drive on a road we've never been on!" Sounds good to me!

Just take me away Baby!!!!!

We headed to a town one hour South of here called North East, Maryland.
This is what we saw when we got out of the truck.

Darling, darling town.

Sweet little shops.

Vera Bradley HEAVEN.


I got to color on the table which is always fun.

Can't you just SMELL this place? They had the biggest supply of coffee beans
I've ever seen. I purchased some called "creme brulee" and it's so delicious I may
just drive back to buy some more!

After dinner we drove to a local park and laid a blanket along the banks,
we watched the boats come in and looked at the latest pottery barn catalog, (in which we steal ideas and try to reproduce them for little to no money). It was glorious, just him and I and the sun setting. It's been way too long since we've done something like that.
We'll be back to this place soon I'm sure.
If you live locally, give it a try, it "feels" far away, but isn't.

"If a June night could talk,
it would probably boast it invented romance
~Bern Williams~


Anne said...

That sounds like a cute little day trip for the hubs and I as well.

Thanks for the comment today, Janelle! It was a soul uplifter :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun!! the funny thing is, is that I was just through this darling town about 2 wks ago, to pick up my sister, who caught a ride up to Sandy Cove retreat!!! My thoughts exactly, on a neat place to spend a wk-end with my lover boy, or with the whole Family!!! :) Gonna go, sometime soon!!

See you this wk-end!! Can't wait!!

Love~Mary Jo

Jeane` said...

We've been here many times and just love it!!! Fun to see it through your eyes. And, I must say (although I probably shouldn't), the restaurant choice(name) was fitting for the evening's activities, I'm sure.


I am so happy to now be able to check off 'Go to one of Janelle's famous Barn Sales' off my bucket list.

Now, whenever you have the chance,and no pressure, you send me some dates that you are available to come here...July/August/whenever!

Smokers in the Valley said...

LOVE NorthEast Maryland, practically grew up there! So cool that you thought to get away there for a moment with your husband! Had to say on a totally different note, Paisley's teeth soooo remind me of Tessa's. The little gap in the middle! Just tooo cute :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I just love that little town too, Janelle! Those shops are adorable--makes me want to go back, seeing your pics! Sounds like a fun day! Donna