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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweeping up Woody

I like to have piano music on during the day, ( is nice or and if possible, have a good smelling candle lit in the corner. These actions are put into place usually first thing in the morning....right along with the smell & sound of coffee being made! Hey, someone needs to create some peace in this environment that can be a little crazy at times. These are just two small things I do to keep my world calm & inviting!!
The other day during one of my numerous daily broom sweep ups I swept "Woody" out of his hiding place. Paisley was munching on what was left of "snacks", (a dry ice cream cone).
A grocery run was imminent.

The piano music was playing softly and I could hear my thoughts as the boys were playing nicely outside. I looked out the window and saw Tyler enjoying the day on his tire swing. I thought back to when we were in the hospital with him, so many questions. As WEIRD as it sounds I've been "missing" those days just a bit. Not the actual physically being in the hospital, but the natural, effortless, beautiful ALIGNMENT OF PRIORITIES that a hospital or desperate situation produces. Perhaps it was the music, the moment or pms, (or a combination) but I got a little choked up. This won't be the picture of my life for long.... Sweeping up toys and having my children within sight. It was a MOMENT and I hid it away.**
Then my green-booted boy came to the door to wake me from my thoughts & plead his case.
"It's my turn now Mom!"

"Carpe diem quam minime credula postero"
"Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future."
**disclaimer: lest you think I live and Mother in "la, la land" I have an upcoming post entitled: "Confessions of a Yeller!"


consume me... said... are right....these moments are fleeting. But they are here today. Soak them all in - even the frustrating ones. Soon the tire swing will be replaced with a driver's license and car and the ice cream cone will be shared with a first date....All too soon the glance out the window will be of them driving in a new direction. But, today, the swing is still warm from swinging and the high chair is still sticky from eating - revel in these days. Marvel in the simplicity of gathering your children around you at the simplicity there is strength. You will find that in later years, though they walk away, there hearts are still home with you...just in a new way. It'll be a new calm and peace. Gaze intently at them today, listen closely and enjoy them deeply.

Anonymous said...


I am trying to savor each moment too and remember how fleeting this phase of our lives is. Although challenging at times, many times, there is such a beauty in this season and our impact upon our children is so great!

I love walking alongside of you in this journey!

(I can remember sitting with you in the parking lot of Target, months after Logan died, and crying because I felt unable to participate in motherhood alongside of you and that grieved my heart. Now, here we are. Raising young ones together and learning & growing a friends & mothers! I cherish your season of life & mine and that we are IN IT TOGETHER!)

Sarah Gingrich said...

I have a morning ritual as well and it in some small but important way starts my day well. I poach two eggs and toast two slices of bread, pour a glass of orange juice, pull up my Bible and my "Guide to Prayer For all Who Seek God". As the children run wild around the house I zero in on His word while dipping my toast into the runny yolks. A funny way to "center", but works for me : ).

Fan said...

Oh Janelle, I can so relate to the feeling you described of missing the sweetness of God's presence in our desperation and when we are at our weakest. It is nearly impossible to explain, but I feel it still...nearly two years after Carl's accident. I think it will only be when we get to heaven that we can totally experience that overwhelming peace but it will be completely WITHOUT the pain.

I can't wait...

Kristina Shirk said...

I have a George Winston station on pandora as well....when I listen to it I always think of you, Janelle!

Jeane` said...

Your home is a mecca of peace and beauty...always has been! (even though I know there is chaos at times!). It would not be your home if it were not so!

I love those pictures of reminds me of Annie, The self-proclaimed head (and only member) of the Justice Patrol. ;)

clarita barkman yoder said...

This is always such a good reminder for me with small children. There are days when I LOVE being a mother, and other days when I wonder what in the world I ever got myself into. :) I don't know what your forthcoming post is about ["onfessions"] but I have a feeling I'll be able to relate: :{
So thank you for your beautiful reminder this day - to treasure these beautiful, exasperating, incredible days.