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Monday, February 14, 2011

hApPy VaLeNtInEs DaY!!!

our wedding cake

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE VALENTINES DAY, however I'm not really into the whole exclusive holiday stuff. The celebrations that make others feel left out because they might not have someone to love, (or someone to love them). LOVE is a tricky deal. Beautiful and tricky. Truly, to those that have arms to fall into.....FALL WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT and to those that will go to bed alone or with sadness/pain/loneliness in your hearts.....tomorrow is a new day and the sun will shine again, (and perhaps it will be 50*)!

"Shall we compare our hearts to a garden -
with beautiful blooms, straggling weeds,
swooping birds and sunshine, rain -
and most importantly, seeds
~Grey Livingston

1 comment:

Jena said...

thanks for this post friend! This year I am so SO grateful for my hubster and best friend, but my heart is going out to so many of my friends and loved ones who are alone; in their marriages, alone in life, alone and feeling isolated both from community and from God...