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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's tough being a woman when.....

Just yesterday I received a question from my friend Cheree in Cape Town, South Africa. She, along with her husband Merle and 3 children live and minister over there. She was asking a question and hoping to share some of the responses at a retreat she is planning. She is planning to launch a Beth Moore study on the book of Esther. "Humorous, or thoughtful, or heartfelt responses all qualify," she said.
Her question was this:

why is it tough being a woman?

Here were some of my answers:

  • It's tough being a woman because there's so much "square footage"(as my husband puts it) to shave!
  • It's tough being a woman because we judge one another with such harshness when that's the last thing we want done to us.
  • It's tough being a woman because 3 weeks out of the month our life is wonderful, beautiful and just right, and on that other week, well, we're not even sure if we should have been born!

  • It's tough being a woman because we often question the love we receive and doubt the Love we need.
  • It's tough being a woman because we easily go blind, such as when we open our closets and see nothing to wear.
  • It's tough being a woman when the world only looks at the cover of who we truly are.

If you get a moment, would you take some time to answer for yourself? Cheree will be reading the responses here as well, so hopefully we can help her out and be amused and perhaps inspired along the way!!!
Thanks Ladies!!

(pictures taken around my home by Michelle Bailey Walls for a college photography amazing right?)


LemonyRenee' said...

It's tough being a woman, because intuition is a constant, often nagging companion that cannot be quieted.

It's tough being a woman, because, once we have children, our happiness becomes inextricably tied to the fragile, careless bodies and souls of our children.

It's tough being a woman, because everyone expects our patience to be limitless.

Anonymous said...

Love the comments, and some touch my heart...thx for sharing ladies! Cheree

Laurie said...

Fun post, Janelle. I like your list.

I think it's tough being a woman because it's easier for us to recognize the work we didn't get to, than what we DID accomplish.

When I was a student I worked for praise and good grades. As a teacher, I enjoyed feedback from colleagues and parents. Now as a stay at home mom, my little son doesn't talk yet, so he can't say, 'Good job at bathing, feeding and waking at night to nurse me, Mom!'

Okay, it's funny to imagine my boss at work "Oohhing", "ahhing" and giggling hysterically over my lesson plans the way Luke does over my faces. I absolutely love his feedback, but it's different from the adult kind.

On hard days, I think a lot of women could use a pat on the back and someone saying, "Boy you really earned an A for getting the kids dressed and out of the house today!"