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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Auntie Anne's Winter Tea.

 This year's tea party was held at 

 Each year continues to become more and more special. 
A gift for the community and a time for 
women to come together and be filled.....
with joy, warmth, and delicious elegance. 

This venue was absolutely magical!  

It's somewhat embarrassing that between my Mother and I and one other lady we were able to furnish over 70 tea cups!  
Hey, there's got to be some reason to keep all these beauties!  

One of my favorites from my Mom's collection. 

The centerpieces began with a burlap runner, followed by a shiny/glitter tree.  Fresh greens, walnuts, pine cones, curly willow branches, grapevine balls, tea lights, teabags and crystal snowflakes finished it off.  Jessica, (the owner of White Chimneys) had many of this on hand which made decorating that much easier.  She is an amazing woman with energy beyond words, she works SO HARD to make this place beautiful, inviting, elegant and well-maintained!  

Jessica with her daughter and Anne. 
picture courtesy of white chimneys 

A violinist welcomed the ladies as they arrived. 
Seriously, she started playing while we finished the last minute details and it was MAGICAL! I was tying a burlap bow on a fresh evergreen wreath hanging on an old-fashioned carriage and I was completely transported to ChristmasWonderland!! 

Anne and her sister Fi are an absolute riot,
(like all of their family)!
They are totally themselves 
and make everyone feel so welcomed and at home.  
Such a warm and cozy time together.

 My Mom was there to help out with Capri, (who slept in my knowing Mother's arms....she can put any baby to sleep, I swear)!Anne Blank, Orpha Hostetter and a new friend Jamie Giuliani, (fellow teacup collector)! 

Capri in a tutu. xoxo. 

 The incredible food prepared with love by Anne's sister, her nephew , her assistant, (Sharon Martin) and others. 
So much detail.
Anne made her famous potato soup for everyone, 
(which sells at Angela's Cafe' if you want a taste). 
Chicken salad wraps topped with grape halves.
Cucumber and fresh parsley sandwiches. 
Hot ham and cheese sandwiches with poppy seed drizzle.
And to finish it off, individually prepared desserts, (also made by Anne).  Strawberry shortcake or Chocolate Moose awaited you at your table seating, (in adorable mini mason jars that you got take home as your favor)! 

picture courtesy of white chimneys. 
After eating Anne shared about TRUE JOY during this Christmas season. She had some amazing giveaways as well.

picture courtesy of white chimneys.

We anticipate doing an outdoor Summer Tea in 2013, most likely also at White Chimneys, so stay tuned for more details, or go to her facebook page to be informed 
about the invitation.  

Merry Christmas Friends!!
And joy to YOUR world!

"Strange how a teapot 
can represent at the same time 
the comforts of solitude 
and the pleasures of company."
  ~Author Unknown~


Kat said... bummed I missed this. The friend who I asked to come along with me couldn't so I stopped there and didn't ask anyone else:( So glad you're going to have a summer one--will definitely be going to that! It look absolutely stunning in there. Beautiful job! And Merry Christmas to you:)

Aimee said...

Someday I want to come! I looks so cozy and special! It looks like you did an amazing job as always!