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Friday, December 14, 2012

kitchen renovation continued.

Apologies ahead of time for talking about our kitchen so much,
 but it's big news around here! 
That's what this post is all about,
 so feel free to move along anytime! 

something old~something new. 
sweet old sink that made it's way to our home from 
shepherdstown, west virginia. 
(and it goes without saying that my husband is so kind to have driven there for her...."I did this just for you" he said)! xoxo. 

and that chair called to me from the aisle at target last week,
 (a STEAL of a deal). 
literally cannot remember the last piece of furniture i bought BRAND NEW! i ran into my sister while i was checking out
 and she gave me a high five  just for the fact that i was 
buying something new!  
and then, here is the conversation that took place between my friend amy and i on facebook later on that day,
 (after posting this pic). 

  • Amy  um...this is the EXACT chair I JUST GOT! *and just returned  hahaha, good taste huh! hahah:)
  • Janelle then it must be YOURS!! because i bought it at target yesterday. they said it was an online purchase and then someone returned it! that is hilarous! why did you take it back? i came around the corner and there it sat, i just KNEW it had to come home with me. 
  • Amy I know! Thought it was so cute the colors were just a little off for what I was looking for my loss is your gain!  *and hopefully your "on sale" gain! Hahahha:):)

How funny is that?? I thought it was pretty cool. 

new window!
here is Jake ripping out the tile countertop 
and the old sink!

lookin' good
(and the sink/countertops are nice too)!

the beginnings of the countertops
 made from old decking boards!

it's not done yet, but i'm still trying to make it cozy
 in the midst of it all! 
(thank you to my friend ang for the new "J" mug she gave me for my b-day)! 

i put on the first coat of grey the other night, 
so far i really like it! i'm giving myself some time to warm up to it...
and a chance to change my mind, (but as of now, it's just right). 
afterall, painting the walls 
is how this whole idea got started

the boys breakin' in our new farmhouse table, (and yes ,that's a Tinkerbell puzzle)! cannot wait to show you this beauty! we found it at an amish furniture consignment shop, 
(who knew there was such a place)!!??

I call this one "sabbath rest" 
because that's the only time that toolbelt is off, (on sundays)!!  

the other side of a kitchen reno:

"A little house, 

a house of my own, 

out of the wind's and rain's way."

 ~Padrak Colum~

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