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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kitchen Renovation

Here are a few peeks into the remodeling process that I have endearingly named, "all-I-asked-for-was-a-coat-of-paint" 
because that 's the truth of it!! 

New Kitchen Window, 

New flooring coming soon, (dark hardwood)
so I let the boys go at the floor with all kinds of permanent markers. 
You should see this place, it's CRAZYVILLE.  
tic-tac-toe games, "hangman", roads, 
racetracks, hearts, rainbows, you name it! 

Our smallest spectator. 
bless her. she just sits there and watches the world go by!
Cabinet doors are being painted white. 

oh, i love her already. 
she's from 1949 and she's a beauty from what i can tell.
you see, she's still in west virgina waiting to be transported to her new home in strasburg. 
Jake will rescue her tomorrow night. 
BLESS that man!!!! 

That's all for tonight folks. 
And as the nice west virginia sink man said on my voice mail tonight, 
"holler back"

"Change always comes bearing gifts."  
~Price Pritchett~


Kelli said...

Oh I just love your sink! Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen

Jordan said...

Renovating a kitchen is a big job. We're in the middle of doing it right now. That is a great sink. We are putting down hardwood floors and extending them into our dining area. It certainly does take time and effort.