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Monday, August 12, 2013

Capri's 1st Birthday & Dedication

sweet Lovie!  I am certain that with each child, their first year goes faster!  Enjoy a glimpse into our day together:

The children's little creation for her! 

 of course we drank Capri Suns!

As per tradition we had her dedicated in our backyard under the gazebo we were married in.  It's very symbolic and special to our family and we so appreciated our Pastor and his wife for taking the time to lead us and bless us.  It was beautiful. 



 the menu:
kettle corn
animal crackers
chocolate chip cookies
smores cupcakes
Grammy's blueberry delight
fresh fruit



just a few of her guests!  So much LOVE! 
  two of the sweetest Annie's I know!  Capri loves to be with at Grammy's house, (who wouldn't with the way she loves on you and feeds you such yummy food)!

Grandma always says they get thirsty for water when they're little, (and that they can drink from a regular cup long before you think they can)!

Celebrating life is very important business in my opinion.
Balloon release to end our time together! 

(Paisley accidently let go of hers before the others had and was very upset about it, captured so nicely here. Bless)! 


"Babies are such a nice way to start people."
  ~Don Herrold~
*1st year timeline via Target, (did you know you can print directly from your FB account if you have one)?  Very handy.
*Pinwheels and name banner via PaperPoloroid, (and because she's an awesome friend she let me borrow that darling Elliephant as well).
*Custom banner and matching stickers, (envelope seals) from Vistaprint


Clarita @ the Cottage said...

What a special day!! I love the way you love your children, it inspires me SO much.

One thing I almost can't bear is how fast time goes with three children. I wish each day would be double the time. Well, truthfully, MOST days. :) I never imagined life could pass by so quickly, and I feel that I don't have enough time to soak it all up!!

I LOVE your outfit on the dedication day. You are always so lovely.

Just a little something from Judy said...

You are so gifted! I was most blessed as I visited here today. Your precious little ones are so fortunate to be born into your home, and to have you two as their parents. Every picture is beautiful, including the ones of you.

amber said...

clicked over from clarita's blog and after browsing your post had to say, hi and what a gorgeous party and special day!! our children are such joys~

blessing to you guys!