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Friday, October 19, 2007

Our Groundhog!

We have our very own groundhog! Last weekend Jake was working on the new deck to surround our hot tub. He and his faithful helper, (aka groundhog) were digging 3 foot holes to place the posts in, he turned around for a bit and when he turned back around, Tyler, (aka, faithful helper/groundhog) had disappeared! He decided it would be more fun to be IN the hole rather then above it. When I came out I asked, "where's Tyler?" Then I saw his little blond hair bobbing up and down as he jumped inside the hole! He sat in there for at least 1/2 an hour scrapping the dirt down onto himself and subsequently back INTO the once empty hole! It really did look fun and I'd have to say that if I was offered a giant hole I too might climb inside and dig a bit!!

if you look very closely you can see our little groundhog!

1 comment:

Jeane` Miller said...

Good Sunday Morning, Janelle...

I've never held any remote fondness for groundhogs (or others in their family tree), but if I ever met one as adorable as yours, I would welcome them by the hundreds into my backyard, and even into my home!

I hope you are having a contented and happy day! I'm a 'camping widow' this weekend. By choice! (Is it wrong of me not to want to take 2 babies at the end of October camping???).