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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Traveling Light

Here is my last find of the yard sale season. It's a large old suitcase that fits many, many, many toys inside and STILL closes with ease. It's probably one of my favorites. I saw in on a Friday and thought they were asking a bit too much, so I thought to myself, "if it's still there the next day, I'll consider it more." Sure enough, the next day it's there AND considerably marked down. Bargain lady that I am, I made an even lower offer and she accepted! Yippee!! My nephew Austin was kind enough to carry it home for me from my neighbors house! Thanks Aus.
I'm sure it had a much more glamorous life with it's previous owners. This may be the first time it's had a 2 year old crawling on it's sturdy, old back. It seems to be holding up quite well despite being filled with Thomas toys and the likes.
I'd like to think that I've given this old suitcase a new life, a second life of sorts. It won't be packed and unpacked and placed in a cold, dark attic for months, sometimes years at a time. It will now see the light every morning as my son runs to it's great big handles shouting, "play Thomas Mommy?"
It has new companions now, two sweet little boys that will find many happy times by it's side. Welcome to our home faithful traveler.


Vickie said...

Dear Friend,

Don't you know that you are probably giving this old suitcase its 10th life! To imagine the journeys it has been on, the things it has seen. I imagine that a life with little boys brings sweet reward to a life of faithful service. I see it as a Grandpa, anticipating the smiles and love of his boys each morning. It is a warm welcome, a comfort that it offers...a bit of adventure as well...perfect!

Aimee said...

So sad that yard sale season is over. Waiting for next year...

Lulu & Tutz said...

hmmm...those sweet little boys will not always be so little (or so sweet!!!) breathe in every ounce of pleasure with them while they are young...tomorrow they will be grown - perhaps filling that old suitcase with things for their new life! Today is so precious with them...trying at times, yes, but precious, every second! If I had known how quickly the years would fly...had I known "this will be the last time he asks me to sit down and play"....mmmm...all too quickly they are grown!!!
May that suitcase represent memories of countless generations...and blessings upon the generation at hand.
So sweet...

Bess said...

LOVE the suitcase! Like Aimee, I am already anticipating next year's yard sale season.

By the did you add music to your blog? The song is beautiful!