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Thursday, November 1, 2007

treat or treat

Mr. Puppy and Mr. Cheetah, complete with dog bowl
and cheetah paws!

Last evening Jake and I took the boys out for a little stroll around the neighborhood. Our church was having a party in the square so we decided to join them and along the way stop at a few homes for a treat or two. My sister and her daughter walked with us as well making the time all the more enjoyable. It was a beautiful evening, not too cold, but just right for a pleasant time outside. We visited with our friends Dwayne and Tina and their children. We got some awesome candy, (much to Mommy's joy and delight)!! Most of all we just enjoyed our community and all the silliness of dressing our children in fuzzy costumes!

How could you say no to this little pup?
At each door he would say "candy please!"
After receiving his treat he would promptly say, "thank you for the candy, bye."
and off he goes to the next home!!
two by two...
a little help from Daddy.

It looks like Tyler is thinking, "this is the best night EVER!"

When we got home I placed the boys on the floor,
Luke literally just laid there for a few minutes.
It must be exhausting being so cute!!

he was for real drooling like a dog...Sharing the bounty!!



tines said...

so glad you stopped in! those boys of yours were too cute! owen woke up the next morning asking for the lollipop tyler gave him:) one of these days we will get off of our lazy butts and walk to your place. i'm so impressed with how you hike around this town. xoxo

Anonymous said...

absolutely too cute!

Jeane` Miller said...

Lovely Lady of the House...
Your two little animals could not have been any cuter if they tried!!!! I myself had a monkey and a pumpkin, and they were quite happy in their disguises! We only went to four homes (including Grandmom Miller) and received only a little bit of candy.

Oh how I wish it could be that way every year! :)

Thanks for the pictures! My heart wishes the doors to our homes weren't so many miles apart or you would have had a curious little monkey and his sidekick pumpkin on your front door last night.
Love, Jeane`

Anonymous said...

I love that our children can "make memories" together!! We love our times with you, Jake and the boys...I am thankful beyond words that we are neighbors :-). "Shrish"

Bess said...

Oh, how adorable! :o)

Fan said...

love those boys!!

Lynda Crain said...

Janelle!! I'm so addicted to your blog now. :) Thanks for the updates, they're so comforting to read. A taste of good 'ole Lancaster when I'm missing home.
Love ya tons and tons!