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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Early, (self-imposed) Birthday Gift!!

I was secretly hoping in the back of my mind to someday have a Hoosier to call my own. Those that own one don't get rid of them too easily. Usually they are keepsakes passed down or they are just so useful/charming that those who have them, keep them, (or sell them for ridiculous amounts of money)! Anywho....I found one on craigslist!! LOVE THIS SITE!! It was a few weeks AFTER it had been listed so I thought that surely it had been sold. Much to my pleasant surprise the lady contacted me and said it was still available and that she "just wanted it off" her front porch!!!! Well, I knew I could be of assistance to her in that way!! Better yet, it was in Atglen, only a few miles from my parents house. I had my Mom go scope out the goods, (can't you just see her slowly driving by this persons house for a closer look)? I mentioned purchasing this to Jake and he thought it would be fine...IF I got a good deal on it! WHAT!? "If I could get a deal on it??" Consider it done my friend!!!
Within 24 hours Jake went and picked it up and now it has a new home at 128 Lancaster Avenue!!! It has become our pantry and has all the attention it could hope to have. Including a certain 2 year old that likes to hide in the bottom shelf area!! I LOVE THE GREEN color and have since added some other accessories throughout my kitchen in the same shade. My birthday is at the end of this month so I told Jake it could be an early birthday gift. He liked that idea, so, here it is, my early, self imposed birthday gift from my awesome hubby!!
And yes, that is a rug as my curtain. The ones I had didn't have any green in them so I purchased 3 rugs, (in the same shade of green) at Target and they will do just fine for now!!

I'll soon be posting a little "journey" of sorts through our home. I'll show you room by room the remodeling/redecorating that we've done since we moved in last January! Come back again!! Until then...stay warm!


Jeane` Miller said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a PERFECT gift for you!!!! (And who would know better than yourself!?!) I want one now too, but instead will come tomorrow and simply admire yours! :)
We are looking soooo forward to our visit. I think I'll be there around 10:30ish. What can I bring (besides the Cappucino muffins & spread I made?)
Much love...
PS The new picture that now greets me when I visit your blog is so welcoming. I feel like stepping right through the door into the warmth of your cozy, inviting home!

Anonymous said...

hey girl. i agree with jeane, the picture of your patio door is so welcoming. i can just see myself sitting at your kitchen table, sharing a cup of joe and watching the kids play on the floor. we need another relaxing morning together.
be blessed.