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Friday, November 9, 2007

little project for the day

I found this old step stool at a yard sale a few years ago. It's been collecting dust in the attic until today. I used a regular old sharpie marker to write this adorable quote on it. Too sweet!!

Tyler's taking a nap right now,
but when he wakes to find this,
I'm sure he'll think he's such a big boy!!


Anonymous said...

oh janelle, you're so crafty and come up with the most splendid ideas. i wish my mind worked like yours at times. just last night i was walking around this dollar store in king of prussia and i said to clark, "janelle would somehow find things in this store and somehow turn them into something amazing. i have no doubt she could", yet to my eye things just looked like junk. you have a gift.

Jeane` Miller said...

Lovely Lady...
Did you make up that dear little ditty? (Poem is what I mean. Ditty just sounded cuter). Many, many years from now a descendant of yours will probably conduct a ceremony in which she "passes the stool" (hmmm..sounds rather gross if you read it another way) onto the next generation. It could surpass your Hoosier in value, as it has your writing and heart all over it!
Have a happy day!