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Monday, November 19, 2007

It's NOT winter yet!!

In celebration of AUTUMN, (which technically it still is) I wanted to show you a few of the decorations I have around our home. I saw this idea in a country living magazine, (pictured above). This is my interpretation of it...
Needless to say, it didn't last too long with these two little curious hands hanging around day and night. A few weeks ago I accidentally locked us out of the house!! Thankfully I had left the kitchen window cracked open. I took Tyler to the window and tried my best to explain to him how he was going to come to Mommy's rescue. I hefted him into the window, "now, go open the door for Mommy, you can do it!!" (secret prayer: "God, please let this work!!) I run around to the door and proceed to knock and play the game we usually play, "knock, knock, look who's here, it's Mommy...." No answer. I try again. Still no answer. "Tyler, come open this door right now!" I peek through the window and there he is, shoving candy into his mouth and watching me out of the corner of his eye, knowing his limited time is precious indeed. Okay, so I'm cracking up and trying to be stern at the same time, not working. I turn my face away so he can't see me laughing and say, "Come open this door for Mommy RIGHT NOW." He walks to the door as if nothing odd has happened, unlocks the door, "Hi Mommy!!" Well, hi there about a piece of candy for rescuing your Mom?? Who knew that the dollar tree had such great fake leaves? Alone they look really cheap, (which they are) and tacky. I paired them with dried hydrangeas and plastic berries. I like the outcome.
Earlier this year my husband and I were heading home from my parents house. We were stuck in traffic in Strasburg, (a regular occurrence from June-September). Much to my delight I look to my left and see this "ugly duckling" in someones TRASH pile! I saw the graceful white swan it could be and just had to have it!! With a little sanding, and love from my favorite cleaning product it became all that I thought it could be. It still has the original hardware on it and decals from I don't know when. I store Luke's wipes/diapers/etc. in the deep bottom drawer and the remotes in the top drawer. Very practical and useful. I had to think of my own life while I was restoring this piece. God sees us "on the side of the road" of life and sees such great potential in us, He longs to have us in His home. He takes us, cleans us up and then makes us into something practical and useful...and then shows us off on His blog, (earth).
"He restores my life, my self, my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake." Psalm 23:3 (Amplified)


Anonymous said...

i got chills just reading your blog this morning....the way you phrased god's love for us, it was so practical. thanks!
love you girl, can't wait to see you tonight. whoopie - girls night!

sharon said...

Janelle, you're amazing! The autumn decorations are really nice and your story about Tyler eating the candy is great!

Vickie said...

Did you hear me laughing out loud? The picture, in my mind, of Tyler eating the candy corn...hilarious!

I am so thankful and grateful to have you in my life! You are precious.

Happy Thanksgiving Friend!