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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bellies filled

Yesterday we had my husband's family over for Thanksgiving dinner. It was our first real "dinner party" since we purchased our home almost a year ago. In one word, it was delightful. The food was incredible, thanks to the loving hands of my mother-in-law Annie. We enjoyed each others company into the evening. I am just so thankful for our beautiful, cozy home. We are blessed to have food before us, for the chance to have our bellies filled. Let us not forget that many, many Dads and Moms, boys and girls, baby's and toddlers, Grandpa's & Grandma's, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands go to bed with an empty, growling stomach.
Two of my handsome nephews, Calvin and Samuel. These "boys" are growing into such amazing men, right before our eyes!!
I was surprised with a beautiful, (and delicious) birthday cake! My 29th birthday is on Wednesday. I'm so thankful I was born. "Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12
Hello to Uncle Sam and Aunt Cheryl in Canada! WE MISSED YOU, it just wasn't the same!!
Jake's brother, friend, confidant and business partner, Reuben and his daughter Rosa.

After dinner most of our family played the dreaded "Rook" game! I only say "dreaded" because once my husband picks up those cards, I literally will not see him for several hours!!!

Tyler and his precious cousin and pal, Deborah. They get along so well and truly LAUGH a lot!

It was a "heavenly day" as my new song sings: "Tomorrow may rain with sorrow. Here's a little time we can borrow. Forget all our troubles in these moments. Right now the only thing that we really have to do is have ourselves a heavenly day." ~Patty Griffin~


Jeane` Miller said...

I was just talking with my mom, who loves your blog and the beautiful way you live your life and decorate your home!I have to agree. I would have loved to have been a guest at your candle lit table! Beautiful. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

looks like a lovely time. you have such a way of making your home feel so welcoming, to all! i

Lulu & Tutz said...

Hey!!! I recognize those pumpkins! You did them such sweet justice! You obviously had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Lots of smiles around your table! Is there really anything better than your family sitting around a table of really good food??!!! I'd be hardpressed to find something more satisfying!
LOVE the little side table!!! Had we been at the same traffic jam in town, we might have attracted a few stares...*insert the "Rocky" theme music and picture two grown women running in slow motion towards the same pile of roadside castoffs!!!! I proudly wear the crown of "dumpster diver"!!! My favorite Strasburg find was a set of old folding chairs that had been covered long ago in a red and white toile! I grabbed them on two separate days...about a week apart from each other! Someone was cleaning out an attic.....and throwing away old treasures! They were recovered, and now gracing two separate customer's homes with new life!

Enjoy a new week with your boys!

Bess said...

What a beautiful, joyous time! And your song...all I can say is God knows what you need when you need it, and I needed to hear that! :)

On a side note: Happy 29th! Enjoy your special day!

On another side note: Can you send me your e-mail address? I'd love to e-mail you with a few questions that I have. Thanks! :)

Jeane` Miller said...

What a SPECIAL day it is today!!! Just check out my blog for a little birthday suprise!
PS. I decided to keep your day full of sweetness and NOT call up and sing yet again. Two times in one year (with my voice) is too much.

Ryan & Bethany said...

Your blog is so cool! I enjoy the way you write - and your pix are awesome!
Wondering if we can have your email address - please send it to Thanks!

angelastoltz said...

LUV this song! but then again, I have always liked your music preferences! I was just telling Scott how you & I used to sit up in your room & listen to good music--I have so many highschool memories with you~