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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Town

Since moving here to Strasburg, Jake and I have come to truly enjoy our town. It is quaint beyond measure and truly feels like a community, not just a bunch of homes on a bunch of streets. A few weeks ago I ran out of flour so I walked across the street, boys in tow, to ask for a cup of flour from our neighbor. Now, mind you I had never met her, but seeing that she was an older lady I knew she would have an appreciation for "neighborly sharing." My Mom taught me that it's okay to ask our neighbors for things when you're in a pinch, (a cup of sugar, a stick of butter, an egg or two or as in my case, a cup of flour). Our sweet neighbor seemed so thankful that I came to see her and even more happy to share her flour....I returned home with 4 cups!!!! Needless to say, I had more then enough. After preparing the zucchini bread, I wrapped a loaf in a little bow and took it to her door. "You just made me feel so special, can I hug you?" Well, who can turn down a good ol' hug!!?? Since our first day of sharing we have seen each other here and there and have started what I hope will be a lasting friendship.

One of our favorite things this summer was walking to the local ice cream shop, appropriately called, "The Creamery." They make all their own ice cream and home made waffle cones on location! For the past 15 years that has been my favorite ice cream place, but I only came to Strasburg every once in awhile, (good for the wallet and the pants) so of course that was one of the delicious parts of buying a home here!! (bad for the wallet and the pants). It wasn't so bad this summer because we walked there so by the time we were home again, I had worked off most of the calories!!But then there were the nights where I would announce that I'm "going out for a bit, be right back." The boys were sleeping soundly and Jake knew just what I I would drive and 10 minutes later be home on my couch, waffle cone w/ snickers ice cream in hand!!! Oh, the joys!!!!!! Several times we met my sister and her family for a shared treat. One time she came by and took Tyler for ice cream. I think that may be one of his first memories because to this day I cannot even mention ice cream without him saying, "with Sami??" (that's my niece, pictured below). Luke was only a few days old when I was sitting out on our front porch enjoying the summer sunshine, suddenly my sister drives by, slowing down enough to yell out the window, "snickers!" A few minutes later she comes back with a healthy serving of my favorite ice cream! Thanks Shrish!!! We live only minutes apart so I anticipate many happy times together. Our sons, Tyler and Chase are a year apart.
There is also an adorable little boutique called "Lulu and Tutz." If time allowed, I could spend hours just browsing, dreaming, longing, drowning in the beauty and inspiration of this cottage heaven. Each time I go I find a treasure, even if it's only a beautiful pack of napkins.

I am grateful for our town.
I am grateful that I live in a quiet place and we know our neighbors by name.
I am grateful that we can raise our sons here and teach them the importance of community. Come for a visit sometime and we'll go for a walk together.
I am a part of all that I have met." ~Alfred Tennyson~


Anonymous said...

i'll come for a visit, but forget the about a snickers! : )

Anonymous said...

And I am grateful that my dear, dear Shrish is now my neighbor... I love our times together!! "Shrish"

Jeane` Miller said...

Weather conditions allowing, I would very much like to ramble down the streets of Strasburg with our double strollers to Lulu & Tuts (I know I spelled it wrong)! Again, I love to hear you sharing about your world and your new friends! (I love connecting with new neighbors. Especially when I need an egg.) :)
I'll be coming home next Tuesday from Texas. How about instead of that Friday, the next Monday? Would that be ok? (I'm going to try to get the babes back into some sort of 'normalacy" the rest of next week.
Keep on 'penning' your thoughts...

Aimee said...

Oh, I LOVE Lulu & Tutz - it's too cute! Did you know they have a blog?

I love your little town too, even though I don't visit very often. Have a great day!

Lulu & Tutz said...

Well, what a delight to find you are all enjoying our little tucked away shop!!! I, too, would join that walk to the Creamery!!! But, I must say - Snickers is good....but try this the next time: Oreo with Peanut Butter Cups mixed in!!! Trust will NOT be sorry! You will need to walk an extra loop around town aferwards, but you will not regret a single bite!
Thanks for all the kind words! Stop by and say hello!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Tyler with me at the creamery.Its soo cool.I hope we can do it again sometime soon.I love you guys!!!