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Sunday, December 2, 2007

So much to be Thankful for...

Tyler age 2 1/2 and Luke at 8 months old. He's crawling around this house like a pro and starting to pull himself up on anything he can grab hold of, namely my legs! Tyler is starting to talk so much more and is so stinkin' FUN! He's really into singing lately, "hallelula" seems to be his favorite song as of now. Just that word, over and over and over! How precious! "I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will show forth all Your marvelous deeds. I will rejoice in you and be in high spirits; I will sing praise to Your name." Psalm 9:1
Here's Luke taking the chance to beat up on TYLER for once!!! He'll just lay himself down in front of Luke and he'll take slaps at him, it's almost like Tyler thinks that Luke deserves a shot at him every now and then....just for that sake of fairness!!
Here's our early Christmas gift...being put together by my awesome man!!
TA-DA!!!! This lovely fireplace from Home Depot now graces our home and heats us through and through. It's such a cozy addition to our home. I am thankful that we are able to heat our home this winter. Oil prices being have been so high so we decided to try an alternative route this year. To have a warm home with a refrigerator filled with food, a husband that provides for me and my children, healthy bodies, true laughter, to be a servant to such a kind King, and to have peace in my heart of hearts.....there really is so much to be thankful for.


tines said...

love that fireplace! must show this pic to D...i was telling him about it. xoxo

Anonymous said...

i was also telling clark about your fireplace....i'd almost love to get makes the home so cozy. maybe someday.
i love you girl.

sharon said...

i hear that your music works again - or was it my computer? anyway, i again have beautiful music while i read your inspirations!

Jena said...

you weren't kidding-it looks great!
Thanks for the great night of fellowship- what joy!

amy said...

I absolutely love your website. I can't get over how big Luke is. It seems like just yesterday that I saw him and he was just a little bundle in your arms. :) I love you and miss you. I hope to get back to PA soon...maybe when it starts warming up again. :)