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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Little boys rooms

Hello from Strasburg! I've been meaning to post these pictures of the boys rooms, but am only now getting around to it. I have a camera full of wonderful pictures and stories to tell and yet, not enough time to tell them!!! Here's a quick tour for today: this first picture is of Tyler's room when we had just moved in:

and here it is after a fresh coat of paint called "Nantucket gray." It looks kind of sage in the sunlight and more gray at night. It's warm & inviting, much like it's room dweller. And isn't that just the smallest bed EVER? You would laugh out loud if you saw Jake trying to lay down beside Tyler in this little bed. It's practically the size of Jake's upper body! For the most part Tyler does well and stays in his bed. Every now and again we'll hear him playing when he should be sleeping. I guess if I had that much energy I would play instead of sleep as well! I didn't know what curtains to use, so I just hung some of his cute baby clothes with clothespins on twine.

And here is sweet Luke's room. His room is VERY small, (11 x 9) but very cozy as well. It fits all the basics and that's about it! It was set up as a nursery when we looked at the house, so that was extremely helpful, otherwise I would have never thought a crib, changing table, rocker and end table would fit! Here Tyler is during his usual morning routine of climbing into Luke's crib to say good morning!

This crib has quite the story! It was for sale at my neighbors garage sale, but I thought the price was too high. Apparently I wasn't the only one to think that, because at the end of the weekend it was still there and marked as FREE!!! So, later that night after Jake and I were in bed I said, "oh, shoot, we forgot to get that crib, it will surely be gone by morning." (Okay, so I said the "oh shoot, we forgot the to get the crib" part and not "it will surely be gone by morning," but it sounded like a good sentence)! Anywho....there goes my Darling, in his robe, down to our neighbors house and PUSHES the crib home! I'm telling you, if anyone would have seen him they would have definitely reported him!! When's the last time you saw a tall man, in a flannel robe, pushing a crib through YOUR neighborhood....AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! I found this great chest of drawers at our neighbors garage sale. It's a little worn, but lovingly so. There is a good size closet in this room too, but I forgot to take a picture of it.
There's our little tour of the day, come back again. I'll be here...


Jeane` Miller said...

For some reason, that last picture of Luke's room is just extra-inviting to me. It feels like "home" even though it is not my own! We would love to have you the first week in January...just let me get back to you on that, as my friend from NYC might be visiting sometime that week.
Love you,

Vickie said...

Okay...I have always LOVED Betsey Pease Gutmann the one hanging in the corner! I have that one, no longer hanging up though. Even as a child, I loved those sweet babies she drew.

Then, the picture of Ashley and Luke above his changing sweet. That is special for her to see that, as her copy is on her French photo board above her bed.

I really enjoyed today's tour and long to be there in person. I will check in again soon!

Love you Girl!


Vickie said...

I said Betsey, but I mean Bessie!


Aimee said...

I love that wall color - Nantucket gray! I might have to try that sometime. The rooms look so cozy and comfy!

Hope your family had a wonderful Christmas!