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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today is my dear friends 29th birthday! This song is dedicated to YOU girl!!! Get ready for a PARTY next year girl!! Shar and I grew up together since we were little girls. We would be together in school all day and then beg our Mom's to let us play longer at each other's houses. She was my best friend in every season: During the Winter months we would wait to hear our individual schools canceled, I would bum a ride to her house, we would build giant snowmen, play "king of the mountain" with her brother Shawn and his cool friends, drink hot chocolate and lay awake at night just giggling in the dark!!

When Spring would roll around we would confide our deep, true, unending boy-crush of the month!! We would see each other at parties and connect our friends with one another, we would count down the minutes until summer.

And then glorious Summertime would come and we would barely leave each others side....I use to love to go to her house because she had this mini-motorcycle, (which I'm fairly sure I've seen her Dad riding within the last year!). We would drive that little speed demon all across the corn fields. We would swim in their "giant pool", all 4 above ground feet of it and "make waves." And who could forget our weeks at Black Rock Retreat, always "requesting our cabin partner" every year. OH, those days were so sweet....and long.....and filled with joy.

Then, Autumn would come and we would play our never ending duet on the piano....."heart and soul, we stay together like a heart and soul...." After a hard day of play we would put on a fashion show using all her Mom's stuff, (bless your heart Vern for letting us INVADE your closet like that!!). We would make up dances, (oh, wait, we STILL do that one!!!)

Oh, my dear friend, I CHERISH YOU FOR LIFE! Come what may: distance, time, children, grief, kindness, memories, secrets, laughter.....YOU will always be part of my heart and soul. I love you Sharalee!! You bring JOY to my life and to the lives of so many. You have lived a life so full, more full then many TWICE your age. You are truly a content woman, happy in this moment and yet looking ahead with excitement for what is yet to be. You provide a safe refuge for Ben, a hiding place of sorts and your three children are BLESSED to call you "Mama." And I am blessed to call you FRIEND, my forever friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!
"A friend may well be reckoned
the masterpiece of nature."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Jena said...

what a blessing to have friends for life!

Anonymous said...

what a sweet picture of you and shar as kids. i've seen that at your homes many times and it makes me smile. friends for life.
i also want to say happy birthday to shar. what a blessed friend she is to both of us. we are so fortunate to have her in our lives and walk through life with her.
we are the "three amigos!"

"we only got 4 minutes to save the world!" holla holla JT.

Shar said...

I love you girl and am so thankful for our friendship...I could write a book from all the memories from the past 20 years! And I'm so excited about the years ahead, knowing that there are going to be some good times for sure. I love you lady...

Anonymous said...

...."hi, my name is joe, i have a wife and seven kids, and a dog. i work in a button factory...."
(laughing hysterically as i type this)
love to you both!!! shrish

Ang Stoltzfus said...

great picture of the 2 of you back in the day!!!!