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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Into the woods

Last month my dear cousin invited some lovely ladies to her home for lunch. Let me just begin by saying that when I know lunch at her house is coming, I basically don't eat for like two days so I can just eat and eat and eat all the delicious food she makes! She is amazing! They live in a stunningly beautiful home in the middle of the woods....paradise for the kiddos.

" Hey guys, wait for me" says Luke!
Into the woods they go...
The big wild O! (too stinkin' cute)
Sweet Soleil....(French for sunshine!!)
Tina and sweet Mia...well, they're both sweet....and cute too!

Dining el fresco
too much cuteness to handle, (as I've heard her Daddy bites her
because he can't handle the cuteness, I can't blame him! still trying not to be jealous....she got this beautiful piece at a local auction for um.....$7!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give me a break!
The lovely table and more lovely hostess with the mostess!
DESSERT!!! (did you ever know that stressed spelled backwards is "desserts"!! Need I say more!!??)
some fun to end the day with....
My sweethearts! Love them more everyday!
"Not what we have But what we enjoy,
constitutes our abundance."
~John Petit-Senn~


Jena said...

girl, you are back with a vegence and I am SO GLAD!!!
love you and I can't wait to be your *neighbor*
Uh,yeah that is my subliminal message for, um,
I am so bummed that we are going to be out of town during your performance- BUMMED!!!!!!
Did I mention that I am so glad you are back online, you know, since neither one of us have phones and such....
BTW- yesterday I was sweeping my driveway(can we say AMISH, although Shauna told me that at least I didn't rake it too) because our house is going on the market on Friday!!!!

ok, I'm done ya

Kel said...

Janelle, your pictures are so cute. I think I need the close up of Soleil. Anyway I enjoyed having all of you here, what a beautiful day! You are a stinker to even be slighty jealous of my ONE amazing find. You have a house full of amazing goodwill stuff. Anyway hope you are doing well. Love you.

tines said...

i concur with kel, NO WAY you have a right to be jealous!...with all of the great steals you've gotten over the years! raquel's piece is really great though. xo