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Monday, April 18, 2011

Celebrating my Shrish

For my sisters birthday, (we call each other Shrish) this year I gave her the "gift of high tea." She listed a few of her dear friends and I invited our two other sisters and our Mom. There were some really neat invitation kits at Target the other week so of course I bought four boxes.  Like I've said before, I'm a sucker for stationary, in all it's forms!  Invitations were sent and tea day arrived.
The table was set the night before, (after all the kids were in bed), so as to avoid curious fingers! One of my favorite things is to set a lovely table. Keeping in mind the person being honored. Their personality and likes.  And yet using what I have, not going out and purchasing new dishes or decor.
The centerpieces came to mind as I was perusing the local greenhouse. I knew I wanted something unique yet inexpensive.  I had these old bread pans, (used at an early tea this year).  The larger flower, (ranunculus) was purchased and set into the pan, still in its pot.  The grass was also purchased at that greenhouse. (Perhaps I shouldn't talk about pot and grass in the same paragraph). Nevertheless, it came together nicely.

The little nametag nests are from Pottery Barn. The red chargers were an after Christmas steal from wal-mart for .50 each. I really like the scalloped edge, not something you see very often on chargers.

Friends gather 'round.

One of these times I will take pictures of the food that is served.I didn't get very many this time in the midst of serving, eating and talking.
This one was captured after I had taken several bites!
Banana Pineapple Torte with cream cheese frosting and zested chocolate.

Yet to be named "Chocolate Balls", I daresay they need a more proper name.
Suggestions welcome in comment box.

Beautiful Ladies~from the outside~in.
"The best things in life
are always handpicked~
like friends."
~unknown author~


Kara Stoltzfus said...

oh, my aunt bec was there. so fun she got to experience one of your lovely little tea's.

looks FAB!

Linda from Hatboro said...

There is something so specialwhen you drink tea from a beautiful teacup. I heard that a cup of tea is better than therapy. What a lovely table. Your friends are so lucky to have you in their lives. May I ask what pattern the green china plates are? They are truly charming.

Just a little something from Judy said...

It is always fun to see your artistically and carefully thought out tablescapes. I am so sure your family and friends feel honored to receive any invites from you. I like the green and pink plates.

Jena said...

love it!