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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Some days I just want a place that's all mine. A place to put all my "stuff"; my little notes, quotes, reminders, papers, magazine clippings of things I love.  I've been like this as long as I can remember.  Ask my sister with whom I shared a room most of my life.  I was constantly being told to "clean up my corners", (by my Mother and by her).  I would do my best to "organize" ALL.MY.LITTLE.STUFF.  My "portant, (important) stuff" as I use to say as little girl! {And now, having a son that is JUST like me I have a new compassion for my sister. I cannot imagine HOW ANNOYING all the crazy things were being piled, pinned, hung and situated in the four corners of our room!}

And if you could see our homes now, it's quite amusing and fascinating and delightful.  For instance, she has 2-3 pictures on the front of her refrigerator.  I have about 20-30.  She has a very clean color palate in her home.  My home ate a bag full of skittles.  She is fierce in getting rid of things and has such wonderfully organized closets and cookbooks.  You can barely push my hangers apart and I have 40 cookbooks which I never use. I LOVE PERSONALITIES and the way we are MADE!!  "We are just the way we're suppose to be", my Mom's words ringing true in my ear. 

And so, it continues.

Except I'm almost 33.
I have a thing for things. Visual things.
Looking at things that make me happy or wishful or inspired. I cut pictures out of magazines quite often, hanging them in random places.
I write quotes on pieces of paper a few times each week, also hanging them in random places.
I  save "thank you" notes that I receive, and they too end up in random places.
And so one day I thought, I'm going to create a MY SPACE,
a MOM space. a MYSPACE.MOM.
I found this old chair at goodwill and gave it a second life.

Primed it.
Painted it.
Distressed it.
Recovered it.
I had found a few large pillowcases at Pottery Barn and used that for the seat,
(actually my husband did that part).  Jake's Mom also made pillows for our new couch from this material, (pictures to come someday of our "new" living room. I thought it was complete, but I've changed my mind on our newly purchased couch!  So, it's on craigslist and we're hoping to find another one that is more suitable.  My husband is unending in his patience)!! 

         We had an entertainment armoire that we were trying to sell.
Instead I turned it into my little getaway.
A perfect place for all my "portant stuff!"

It's the back of this chair that captured my attention first.
So elegant, the lines of the legs.

 And so, several times each day you'll find me here in my corner.
Among the thin pieces of paper and glossy magazine pictures, quotes, verses and to do lists. Pictures of my babies when they were babies. Just so I don't forget what they looked like when their heads where smaller then mine.
 We all need a place to call our own.
Most of the world doesn't have that.

Some women have beautiful rooms, entire retreats all their own.
Others have a single bedside wall, a place to hang pictures with a piece of scotch tape or a favorite verse scribbled on a piece of paper. Or a picture that you love to look at, that makes you feel good inside.

Find it.
Make it.
Create a SPACE all your own!
You can do it.
"If you don't like how things are,
change it!
You're not a tree
~Jim Rohn~


Anonymous said...

that space is so perfectly janelle.
has your name written all over it.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaah! I simply cannot wait to have a space of my own and you have just doubly inspired me! (We are moving from a house that has been way over crowded due to a long extended construction project to a large blank space of a house with so many possibilities:)
~Rebecca Z.

Stephanie said...

That is such a wonderful, beautiful idea!! It inspires me to make a kid-free zone for myself!!

Aimee said...

Oh, that chair!!! What an awesome find! I'm searching for one just like it! Love the little space you created! :)

Bess said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Beautiful job!!!

I'm needing a about you? ;o)

Jeane` said...

That chair (made absolutely beautiful) just pops out in front of those lovely shades of brown!! The mom space is so very pretty, cozy and personal!!!

Mrs. Fisher said...

I am so happy that there is somebody like you in the world!! As for the couch thing...i have still not setttled/settled on one either. We have wemt through too many over the years. I think i will now go back to the first one and pull it out of the basement and try to reupholster it.LOL
Love to you - enjoy your space! I am going to go play around in add some fresh flowers!! Kathy

clarita said...

I absolutely LOVE it!! What a creative, ingenius idea! And how perfect to still keep your love for all things sentimental but not to have it all over the house! And your chair is a splendid find! LOVE what you did with it!

Had to laugh over this one: "My house looks like it ate a bag of skittles." Ha ha! But that is YOU and I love it!

Fan said...

I love this about you, Janelle! I always leave your house thinking "I need to loosen up!" I try...and then the extra stuff and clutter drives me absolutely nuts till I put it away again!