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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Luke's 4th Birthday!

Celebrating birthdays is one of my favorite things about my full-time job!!  In another life I would have been a party planner for the rich and famous!  :)  I'm quite grateful for this "life" though and happily plan parties for my 3 little stars! 

Some of Luke's favorite "snackies" arranged like a buffet! 

 Saw this in a pottery barn magazine and recreated it.
Rolled newspaper to form a cone and filled it with peanuts.
Had some old tickets that I stuck in there to finish it off.
Made a banner from construction paper cut into triangles and strung together.
super easy. super cheap. super cute. used the leftover paper to make polka dots.
 Found some Toy Story stickers and placed them on either side of a toothpick.
You could easily do this with any stickers you may have or any theme.
 Who wouldn't want to scoop out some peanut m & m's with an ice cream dipper?

 I think balloons make the GREATEST IMPACT for little eyes,
(yet are inexpensive, easy and abundant for parents to use).
And get CrEaTiVe with them....fill their room while they're still asleep,
place them in a little blue swimming pool, put them up in the lights!

 *note to self* keep lemonade nozzle far away from curious little fingers.

 His favorite gift, a "real Buzz Lightyear".  "JUST WHAT ME WANTED" he exclaimed with such delight!!! 
 Favors. Buckets from the dollar bin at Target.  Filled them with some of Luke's favorite candy, some pencils and some gummy snacks.

 Counting his money with his Daddy.  He loves "dowers", (dollars).
$4 from Grammie, $4 from Grandpa and Grandma, $4 from Aunt Von, $5 from Aunt Shrish, $4 from Mitch!!

 His cousins and friends! xoxo.
The coolest gift from Aunt Fan.

 Thankfully this year he didn't hide under the kitchen table as we sang Happy Birthday.
Instead he licked the icing with his fingers.  He's not quite sure what to do with the attention and I think it's precious. He was so proud and felt so special even though he didn't know what to do with himself.

Speaking of precious, I had to end with this picture of my brother Leon and Paisley. She doesn't "warm up" to many guys, but Uncle Leon got her attention. 
What a wonderful way to celebrate being FOUR!!
We will not ask for more.



Jena said...

SO SO SWEET!!!! Love it.... I have mentioned to my dear husband that if he ever wants to have a party for any reason for me(birthday, anniversary etc) HE IS TO HIRE YOU!!!!!

Now- in my dream world, I am a stylist who works closely with you, prepping my clients to look their best for their FABULOUS events that you have planned ;)

Maybe when some space clears up in our lives when we "retire" from our full-time jobs...

ionablu said...

Paisley's got the right idea how can a girl resist anyone named Leon Beiler!

Stephanie said...

I agree 100%!! Birthday parties are the best perk of the sahm!!

Kae Jo said...

You are so fabulous. Enough said.

(best pic is Luke shoving the cupcake in his mouth!)

Where did you get the juicy juice? I loved the apple. It reminded me of this soda I had in Mexico (Manzana Lift).


tines said...

janelle! that party looks like every 4 yr olds dream! well done! such a good mama!!! i love all of the details! i have no idea how you pull these amazing parties off, again & again. you are wonder woman! xoxo

weid(wo)man said...

awesome party janelle! i'm getting ready to plan my luke's... and i just might steal some of your ideas! you're so creative! :o) love it!!!

TroFi said...

How gorgeous! Your children are going to have the most amazing memories of their childhood! Keep up the creative good work :)