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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dinner Club in an old barn

On the list of wonderful things we enjoyed this Summer was our monthly Dinner Club get-togethers!  We started this in June, 2010 and have been meeting every month since then.  Earlier this Summer we were at my cousins lovely farmhouse.  They had an old barn that they tore down, leaving the old beams, creating an amazing outdoor room.  
In speaking for all of us, these times have become nothing short of a REFUGE!  As I mentioned in earlier posts, we each bring an appetizer or dessert so the cost of the evening is almost nothing, (besides hiring a sitter) and yet the food is OUTSTANDING!   

On this particular night we decided to include the children.  It went so smoothly as our "tribes" ran around the property exploring to their hearts content.

My cousin cut the legs off these old plastic chairs~~such a GREAT idea and the kids thought it was pretty cool too.
 Shar's famous banafee pie. ooooh!! 

 All our kiddos.

 Our gracious hostess.

 When the sun went down, they started a movie on the outdoor screen. Of course, we had to introduce Tom and Jerry with the opening act of "Coldplay Live"! 

 So there we all sat, into the night. 
Content and peaceful, with grateful hearts. 

 I love living life with my man.
Thanks Shar for the picture, it's one of my favorites from the Summer of 2011.  

We do not remember days;
we remember moments.
~Cesare Pavese~

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Aimee said...

The evening looks completely a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Delicious summertime! Oh how I love it!! :)