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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a lovely time

hello friends and family! jake and i are having an incredible time here in florida. so far, hurricane ike hasn't shown his face. only an hour ago did we have our first rain shower, it was beautiful....watching the rain come in off the ocean. only minutes before, jake and i were out catching waves on the boogie, that was funny to watch!! if you've never seen a 6'2 man on a tiny boogie board, your missing out!! we feel like teenagers again, just cruisin' down the highway in our convertible blasting the radio! it's GREAT! i am just so grateful for this time to be refreshed in so many ways. we really miss our boys though. yesterday we called home and tyler wanted to talk with us, "what you doing mom?" he said. "well, we're driving in our car right now." "oh, you coming home?" ooooh, i wish we could have just gone home right then, i miss their little bodies! they are going to seem so big when we get home on friday night, i'm sure.

i've eaten more food in the past 5 days then i have in weeks combined. every meal is just that....a meal, not like at home where i eat the last few bites of pb & j that no one else wanted! it's glorious!

we've been attending a conference the past few days, there are sessions in the morning from 9-1 and then in the evening from 6-9. we are being refueled deep inside! it's absolutely glorious!

i should be on my way. jake is working out at the local fitness center while i'm at the library for a bit. be home on friday. until then, i hope you find a little bit of peace in your day, wherever you are.


"lucky" by jason mraz