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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Please pray for my friend

Last night we had our monthly girls book club discussion. It was a great night, as it usually is when I'm with these great ladies. Unfortunately, as our time was coming to a close our friend Mindi received a call from her husband that his Dad had died, her Father-in-law. In the craziness that came with those few moment some of us offered to drive her home. The face of grief is so raw. I was thankful that we were there in those first few minutes just to BE there. Please pray for their family as this is especially a difficult time to lose their Dad. His only daughter is to be married next weekend. He leaves behind an incredible family with many grandchildren and a legacy that is unmatched. Here is the article from this morning's paper. I'm just almost sick over how it happened:

A motorcycle and a pickup truck collided Tuesday night at a Penn Township intersection, killing the cyclist, investigators said. John Robert Bruckhart of Manheim was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, which occurred about 7:15 p.m. at Route 72 and Mount Hope Road, police said. Bruckhart, of the 400 block of Doe Run Road, tried to avoid the collision as the pickup truck pulled into his path, investigators said. Bruckhart, 55, flew off the cycle and into the driver's-side door of the Ford pickup truck, Penn Township police Cpl. Rodney King said.

Medics tried to revive Bruckhart, but he died at the scene, police said. Lancaster County deputy coroner Patrick Glen pronounced the cyclist dead. Police were still at the scene late Tuesday night reconstructing the events that led to the crash. Bruckhart's Kawasaki was still pinned under the red pickup truck as investigators took photos of the intersection and the wreckage.
Bruckhart was traveling north on Route 72 when he approached Mount Hope Road, King said. Anthony Loser, 40, of Manheim, was stopped in his Ford F-150 pickup truck on Mount Hope Road, police said. Loser started to turn left onto Route 72, and Bruckhart was in a slight left curve leading to the intersection.

Bruckhart laid the bike on its side but couldn't avoid the impact with the pickup truck.
Loser wasn't hurt, police said. A stretch of Route 72 near the crash scene was closed for more than three hours. Penryn firefighters and a Manheim Ambulance crew assisted police. A med-evac helicopter was dispatched to the scene, but Bruckhart died while the helicopter was en route, officials said.


Anonymous said...

my heart aches. all morning i've been thinking how life just goes on for the rest of the world, even me, and they are in the midst of utter pain & grief. it's absolutely horrible and unimaginable.
i'm glad we were able to support mindi during such a horrific time.

Dana said...

I too have been thinking of them all day today and my heart goes out to them full of tears. You wrote a very precious paragraph of the family and I appreciate your compassion in writing.
We will continue praying.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this...If any of the "girls" want to provide a freezer meal, I'm sure the Bruckharts (Jared and Mindi) would appreciate part of their small group from ECC, I hope we can fill their freezer with meals b/c of all the upcoming events...funeral and wedding...they will probably be running in many different directions...and the "girls" can join in as well...questions...give me a much, jo 687-6229.

Jeane` Miller said...

my dad is around his age and rides motorcycle. It could just have had easily been me. I am so, so sorry to hear this news, even though I do not know this family. Wow.

Thank you, Janelle, for the sweet card I received in the mail from you the other day. In all your busy-ness, you took time to drop my a handwritten note! Not a suprise coming from you, but still always such a treat!

I'm doing my best to be patient and enjoy these days with just Christopher and Annie! And I am!

I hope you have a RESTFUL and RELAXING and REJUVANATING (nice alliteration, isn't it?) time in Florida...if you have email, check it, as you would certainly be included in any announcement that needs to be made~