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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

still here...

Hello to all! I'm still here! I'm having issues with my camera so I don't have the pictures from our delightful time in Florida just yet!

It's been a busy week of readjusting to reality....harder then I realized it would be. The boys are doing just great, it's ME who is pulling my butt out of bed each morning! It was worth it though, our time together was so beautiful, so needed, so peaceful!

This weekend will be busy one for me. A friend is producing/Directing a film nearby called "Broken." I'm so honored to be asked to have a role in it. So, I'm memorizing lines and getting ready to cry on cue!! It will be a new adventure for me, I've only been use to acting on stage and I hear that film is so different. I hope I'm up for the task ahead!

I'll be back later next week with tons o' pics! Until then, if you live in the northeast, enjoy the feelings, the smells and the tastes that Autumn brings with her! I can hardly wait to eat a freshly made caramel apple at the local country fair while being bundled in my favorite sweater! Oh, I can feel it already....
"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower".
~Albert Camus~


Anonymous said...

i keep waiting for pictures. i need to hear all about it. hope all is well. miss you friend.

Jeane` Miller said...

Hello, Janelle!
You just enjoy your newest, starring role! When is the Hollywood premier? I'm sure you'll find a vintage Christian Dior dress on a magical rack in Goodwill! :)
I'm SO glad you had a great, great time in Florida. From my hospital room, I watched the weather with interest on your behalf!! :)
I'll look forward to seeing those pictures...
Continue to enjoy your adventurous & wonderful life!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

i love the quote!

Aimee said...

Can I now tell people that I have a friend who's a movie star??