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Friday, July 10, 2009


i'm on a high.....i drank an iced mocha at mcdonalds this afternoon and i seriously feel like my eyes are going to pop out and my body is going to explode!! i got SO. MUCH. DONE. while the children napped because of it, i hope it doesn't mess with sweet Paisley too much! anyway, just thought i'd let you know that you should probably avoid this drink unless you really need to get a lot done, in which case, go buy one now and clean your house!! Paisley is cracking me up, she sleeps, eats and poops and falls asleep anywhere....she looks like a fat woman that eats too much cake!! i'm looking at her now all propped up on the pillow sacked out after JUST sleeping for 3 hours!
she is sleeping so well and we couldn't be more grateful, it was a tough/long/tiring eight weeks. she is consistently sleeping from 9 pm - 6 am! who-hoo! we all just love this little girl so much it's not even funny. she is quick to laugh, very patient and just the sweetest thing ever. if you're not looking at her she will smile and coo until you do. and guess what, i think she's going to have blue eyes!!!! not quite sure yet, but they aren't brown that's for sure.
i bought this little outfit when i was preggo with Tyler....i loved it so much and kept it all these years, how sweet to finally break it out and put it on my little love. it has the cutest little paris cafe scene on the it!!
hope you have a great weekend. we're looking forward to outdoor movie night with some friends!!! the first of the summer....good times for sure!!!

"Her smile beams like sunshine,
which fills our hearts with love."
~Birgit B.~


Jena said...

MY WORD!!!! I want to squeeze her up and eat her up!!! too cute!!!
Just the other day Khai told me, "No mommy, babies are not to eat, food to eat." Apparently he hasn't seen Paisley...
Love you girlie- what's your week next week look like?

Anonymous said...

it's so fun to see you enjoy the wonderful world of a little girl. sorry we didn't make the movie tonight. Leon and Chris and Aiden just picked up the girls. Sophie has been carrying around her bag all day--so anxious for the time to leave. on your mark, get set, go! the clock has started ticking to 20 hours of quiet, other than the babbling talk of Bennett:)
love, Von

Aimee said...

Oh, those shoes!!!! I want another baby girl!! So sweet...

Just a little something from Judy said...

She is just so precious!! I bet, considering her dad and mother's gene pull...that she won't even need a McDonald's Mocha Drink to get lots of things done. She was born to be a worker with the two of you as her parents, and the high energy level you both have. Love her little sweet smile!!

Anne said...

I LOVE the MickyD's iced mocha's. They're not as good as Starbucks, but they're cheaper.
Paisely is GORGEOUS! A vision in pink!

clarita barkman yoder said...

She is just darling! Love the little outfit and, oh, the shoes are precious!! I often feel like I'm just playing with dolls when I dress my little girls. :) It is seriously soo fun! I'm glad Paisley is sleeping better for you... After your recommendation on the treatment in Gap, I took Olivia as well because although she was sleeping okay at night, she was so fussy during the day and sometimes would only sleep an hour all day. And she is doing so much better!! She is a happy baby now, and I couldn't have said that before! Of course that makes for a happy mother, as well as a happier family! :)

And how can I thank you enough for the lovely, lovely time at your house?! That was a highlight of my time in Pennsylvania - I was just thrilled to see your beautiful home and your beautiful family, and of course - you! Thank you so so much!

tines said...

JANELLE! that sweetie is SO dear! love her. what a big girl...growing like a weed. i want to squeeze that girl! thanks for the call last night, we were out til kinda late. thanks so much for the invite! i SO want to come one of these times! sounds so fun! xo