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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Summer Shots

Bench among flowers....stop for a visit!
meadow tea leaves, so yummy when mixed with country time lemonade!
watering my "flowers"!
My hard-workin' honey home again from work:
my FAVORITE time of the day....and hopefully his too!!
Check out these boots, now does that say "hard work" or what??
Introducing "Pride and Prejudice" to the girls!
Brianna, Kylie and Samantha had a sleepover here one night!
Paisley was happy to have some "girl time"!! Breakfast with my beautiful nieces the morning after our sleepover!
Pancakes, scrambled eggs and brown sugar bacon! YUM!
"Dad is my Hero" is what their shirts read.
Aiden's 5th birthday party!! Tyler loves his cousins!!
Luke was off playing by himself.....something he enjoys and is often found doing!
Precious boy!
cool cups that you can scratch your name on! LOVE this!
The boy cousins: Luke-2, Chase-3, Tyler-4 and Aiden-5!!
Buddies for life!
My Mom came over to help me make strawberry jelly.
Bless her heart she basically made it while I tended to the children.
I love my Mom.
Luke takes his guitar everywhere and must always have his "ka-poo" and "peek", (capo and pick) on it! He uses the guitar stand for his's sooo cute!
Cousin Lance was here for a visit.
He met Paisley for the first time.
Crazy thing is, I remember holding Lance when he was this age!!
A pop of Paisley!!
I now introduce you to Paisley and her LIPS!!!
"Mom, I made lunch" Tyler calls.....
this was it! "OOOOOH, yummy! Thank you so much!"
thankfully he got distracted before I actually had to EAT it!!
Fresh strawberries, milk and fresher cookies!
One Friday night he calls, "hi honey, I think I'll put new counter tops in for you this weekend."
an evening stroll...behind us is where the new park will be located,
the one that Jake's business will be building!
"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."
~Sam Keen


clarita barkman yoder said...

LOVE all the pictures! The last one of your family is just precious - the lighting is just great and it just speaks "peace and happiness"! Nothing can beat those wonderful northern summer evenings! I love the bench picture with the flowers surrounding it too... Just lovely!

Rose said...

I also LOVE all your photos. Your baby girl is adorable!!!! And I love your creativity in photography. Who'd have thought to take a photo of a 'rain' soaked screen? That is a precious memory.

Did you take some photography classes? Your food and dishes are lovely.

Take care and I've had fun getting to know you. I am a regular reader.

Anne said...

Can I come spend the day with you?!? I'd spend 1/3 of the day imagining with the boys, 1/3 kissing Paisley's big lips and the other 1/3 drinking lemonade with you on your front porch!

Love the new counter tops! Way to go hubby!

Anonymous said...

thanks for having Olivia over today. she enjoyed it. hope you didn't get too rain soaked at the game tonight.
your home is lovely:)

Ang Stoltzfus said...

what a lovely post! summertime is the best! you have so many great pictures. i LOVE the one of you & jake's feet...=) classic. & paisley is so so beautiful! we need to have a park playdate or creamery visit or something soon.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am finding myself thanking God for His blessing you with a beautiful family and the gift of creativity in sharing that family with all of us. The pictures and words speak to me every single time!

The Mayos said...

Oh Janelle, Paisley is just adorable! And what a sweet picture of your feet. :) I also love the famly picture at the end.