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Friday, January 22, 2010

Garage Sale in January!

Where I live it's cold and cloudy and the landscape is dead. So, in my mind this morning I was going to a garage sale donning my flip flops, my wad of $1 bills, and my eagle eye. And then I remembered that I hadn't posted about our awesome garage sale this past Summer. So, here's a peek into one of my favorite Summertime past the best garage sale in town!! It doesn't take much to make it fabulous. Here are a few hints:

Make sure you have nice signs around town clearly pointing them your way, hey, the way I look at it; nice signs=nice sale. I don't waste my time following signs I can barely read.

Get out your stereo, pop in a CD or hook up your ipod to speakers,
something to entertain the shoppers with, (works in the GAP, might work here too)....fresh coffee and pastries in the morning, (and sweet little girls with aprons selling it), ORGANIZATION, selling stuff that isn't crap,having clearly labeled prices, (cute sayings don't hurt either)
i.e. "Darling Aprons $2"
partnering with a neighbor that is your dear friend, (and a stylin' one at that),

taking some time to rest with the ones you love most,
(cutie in the blue shirt isn't for sale)!(Paisley at 3 months) having adequate parking is a good idea too,
the employees in the office building across the street know me by now, totally BANNED, i just cracked up when i saw this.
Are my sales THAT big? To post a sign and set up a barricade? I love it!! be ready to sell with a smile, (and change your clothing if you have a nasty sweatband from working like a freakin' German workhorse in the middle of a heatwave)!
oh and one last thing,

check the weather.....


Ang Stoltzfus said...

o i can't wait for the "season" to begin again!!!!!! =) you & jess are quite a team! =)

Dee said...

I'll have to check out your next yard sale. I live right down the street. I've often admired your house. Pretty decorating on your front porch.

Sharon said...

Love, Love, Love!

oh and ps. where are you going to have your barn sale next year? is your barn makeover nearly finished? i can't wait to see it with your dear mother in law all moved in.

Aimee said...

Only YOU would have the cutest yard sale on the planet!! I totally want to come this summer!

I can't imagine sweating and being in the hot sunshine - summer seems like a distant memory! But I am relishing these winter days of staying inside and playing with my little projects! :)

I hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

I clicked on your blog from a link on my friends...and this is so crazy -- I was at this yard sale of yours! My husband and I bought the armoir/dresser that wasn't for sale, but you sold it to us! :) {we love it!}

The lady of the house... said...

Ang, I know, I can't wait either!!

Dee~crazy world! You live right down the street? I've been to your darling shop before, but haven't met you yet....looking forward to proper introductions.

Sharon~the carriage house is on hold because the HOUSE next door is for sale and would be perfect for, as of now, it's still going to be in the carriage house! whoo-hoo!

Aimee~mothers don't have time to be sick, i am hoping to feel better soon as well! and all the lovely seasons of lancaster have their gifts don't they?

Michelle~~I LOVE IT! we found each other again! I often think of you guys and how happy i was that you found a "treasure" at our sale. Hey, it's better to give then to keep, right? Your husband seems like a really great guy, (that's what my honey said when helping with the dresser drop-off). Have you refinished it yet? It's a beautiful would probably still be waiting for the perfect location in our home, but now it's right where it belongs!!

Anonymous said...

Just had to leave you a comment.
I used to go to church with you way back at Sandy Hill...I just love your blog and want to encourage you as a have a real gift and it shines on your blog! I don't even remember how I found your blog...maybe through "Just a little something" but I stop in every once in a while! Just thought I'd say Hi!
Marilyn (King) Martin