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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our own acre

Paisley still isn't feeling so good, a bit of croup. Last night I sat under a blanket that was draped over the warm mist humidifier, then bundled her up real good and sent her on a little evening stroll with her Daddy. I think that helped....she breathed and therefore slept much better. Thanks to my facebook friends for some advice! Good ol' Lancaster County wisdom passed down from our Mom's....anyway, the boys are with their Daddy this morning at church and I'm here with Paisley and my nephew Chase who is spending the weekend with us so his parents can sit around and do nothing for once in their lives be refreshed. So I had a chance to read this morning, I like the way this describes us as individuals:

"...every single one of us at birth is given an emotional acre all our own....everyone gets one.  And as long as you don't hurt anyone, you really get to do with your acre as you please.  You can plant fruit trees or flowers or alphabetized rows of vegetables, or nothing at all.  If you want your acre to look like a giant garage sale, or an auto-wrecking yard, that's what you get to do with it.  There's a fence around your acre, though, with a gate, and if people keep coming onto your land and sliming it or trying to get you to do what they think is right, you get to ask them to leave. 
And they have to go, because this is your acre." 
 ~Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott~
"And yet, we know both from statistics and from Biblical wisdom, that no family becomes righteous without the devoted teaching and intentional training of their parents. We also know that when the next generation of adults, (the children in our homes), are neglected, then the future adults will have no godly character, no purpose or direction and will cultivate the demise of culture.

I think that scripture teaches us to live by faith. There can be many ways of working out a family life in which righteousness is passed on to children. We must trust the Holy Spirit to direct and accomplish His will in each family according to His direction." an excert from this blog that I also read this morning. 
Sometimes I don't know exactly what "righteousness" looks like here in our home.  I can assure you it's not when I'm yelling at my boys to stop fighting or when I feel like I'm going to loose my sanity while trying to make dinner without burning it, hold a hungry baby, keep the boys out of the kitchen, and fold the last, (or first) of the laundry. ..all at the same time!!  So, in times like that I will apply those words, "we must trust the Holy Spirit to direct and accomplish His will in each family according to His direction." 

We're not alone and don't forget it!!


Just a little something from Judy said...

You are a beautiful family! God often does for us what we can't do for ourselves. He leads us through one moment at a time. You and Jake are doing a great job!

every day is a gift... said...

true & interesting post!

Consume me... said...

Love the new pics...I'll send Emma here tomorrow if she's feeling able to sit up straight! May take you up on your you have a date in mind??? Do you have ANY idea what kind of inventory I have boxed up!?!?! You may just choose to revoke your offer!