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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Writing Class-week 1

My first writing class was last night, taught by Shawn Smucker. It was a wonderful night, having parts of my brain resuscitated! I so enjoy writing and can already see the benefits this class will have. My first thought as I entered the beautiful conference room was, "I would have paid just to sit in these comfy office chairs and sip hot coffee in silence!" But that was just the icing on top! Shawn is a calm presence who effortlessly taught us some of the basic elements of writing. He spoke about imaginiation being like a muscle, it must be worked! It felt great to have an "imagination workout" last night. Better yet I was joined by my Mom, my oldest sister Fan and my dear friend and neighbor, Jess.
Our first writing assignment was to take 5 minutes and write in 3rd person, (someone eles perspective) about why we were is what I wrote:

"My Mom was making sure everything was cleaned;
the dishes, the floor, the laundry...she must be going away I thought to myself.
She came down the steps and I said, "you look pretty."
She had her makeup on and her boots that she only wears when she goes away without me. "Where you going?" I asked. "To a writing class, a class that just big people go to,
to teach us how to write."
"Will there be a snack there?" I wondered.
I'm already anticipating next weeks class. It feels so good to cultivate the parts of me that have been dormant for so long, to do something just for me.
"Writing is always unfulfilled until it has a reader."
~Shawn Smucker~


Bryan Allain said...

very cool! I considered joining the class but it just didn't work out this time. hope to hear more about it.

Jena said...

hhhmmm... I can't quite imagine that, but I am very glad you are able to get away and do that!

Shawn Smucker said...

Thanks Janelle. Glad you are enjoying yourself!