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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paisley girl ~ 9 months

Our Sweet Paisley is 9 months old today.
This is her.
And she truly is this happy most of the time.
Smiles easily.
Laughs Loud.
Drinks in any love that comes her way.
She loves to have books read to her.
She just sits on my lap and laughs at each page.
She likes to eat.
a lot.
and often.
She has rolls and cracks that could make The Pillsbury Doughboy jealous.
And she is edible, I'm quite certain of it.
She is content to play with nothing.
She will sit on the floor and just soak in life.
She started crawling last week and the world is at her fingertips.
She's as tall as some 1 year olds.
She wears pink.
A lot.
I have so much to learn from her.
One of those things is to be content
Yet at the same time,
try something new.....everyday.
Here's Paisley in her little corner of the earth.

"Remember when all we had to do
was to keep our ponytails straight and catch fireflies?"
~Author Unknown~


Anonymous said...

the hat looks adorable on Paisley! she's such a beauty. your writings are really good and drawing you out even more.
happy for the snow!
love you!

every day is a gift... said...

there is something so 'treasurable' @ this age & i know you'll treasure passes so quickly!

Michelle said...

So sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet Paisley girl!!
Loved by so many! Shrish