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Monday, August 4, 2008

Dream Cottage

This precious little cottage is just down the road from us, and it's for sale! I just think it's so dreamy and wanted to share it with you. I can imagine some beautiful moments in this home, ones that have come and ones yet to be made. "Home" what a sweet word. No where in the world can compare to place you call "home" and that may be in a house or it may be with a certain person. I've heard it said that "home is any four walls that enclose the right person."
Here is a prayer for your home today:
Grant them peace, most precious gift of all
Keep the worried world far away and small
When they return, may quiet fill their souls,
Dearest Lord, keep them safe within it's walls.

May the stone be cool beneath their feet.
The canyon breezes circle soft and sweet
When darkness falls, the stars and opal moon
Find them wrapped in each other, ever warm.

May it be a refuge for their love,
A harbor for their deepest prayer.
May they come to flourish in the grove,
Grow ever nearer to You there.

Many a burdened friend in their company rises,
A heavy heart is soon released to fly.
May their table be blessed with laughter and with grace
And by the comfort of kinship be surprised.

May the cold wind blow far from their front door
May the winter rains never bring them harm
May their hearthfires burn throughout the night
Grant them peace until morning's perfect light.

"Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace."


Fan said...

We have driven by that little cottage numerous times and each time I just want to stop in and tell them how charming I think it is. (My kids think I'm nuts!) I have also been wanting to take a picture of that pergola over the garage--Carl said he would build me one like it-- thanks to you, I have the picture without having to make the trip up there again!!

Sharon said...

Janelle, I really want to know what that is growing over the garage door! It looks like a climbing rose that does really well. Is it even a rose? You could check it out some day when you're out for a stroll...:)

Lulu & Tutz said...

hahaha!!!! That's my MOM and DAD'S house!!! You may CERTAINLY stop by, knock on the door...and probably get a tour!!! (Oops, you didn't hear that from me!) BUT...if you see anyone outside, do stop by and say hello! You certainly MUST take a look inside to really appreciate it, though! It is much larger than it looks. This is the house that Lulu & Tutz grew up in! I think I was in 4th grade when we moved there! And, yes, it is a rose climbing over the garage! Mom's favorite rose is the Eden rose climbing over the arbor...could be because her oldest granddaughter is ALSO named Eden!

Sharon said...

Hi there!
This is OUR house in the picture! How fun to open your wonderful blog and find it there!
Lulu and Tutz grew up here and now our 9 grandchildren have enjoyed it as well. We have loved it for 30 years, but now it is time to pass it on to someone else to care for and enjoy. We are moving to a condo!
The house is quite large, actually, though it looks like a tiny cottage in the front...the way we wanted it to! It has 3 finished floors and a large 4 season room, screened porch and deck which were more recently added. We live out there and will sorely miss it and the privacy! The backyard (about an acre in all) goes down to the creek which can be viewed from the house. It has been completely remodeled in the past few years in colors of green, cream with some pink thrown in here and there (with my husband's permission!) I have loved decorating it over the years as our tastes have evolved and changed.
Yes, those are roses over the garage arbor...New Dawn roses which need no more attention than cutting them back now and then...with a electric hedge trimmer standing on a ladder! Easy!
Stop by anytime for a tour or see it online on the Kingsway website!
And don't forget to stop by Lulu & Tutz in Strasburg!
Sharon Cook