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Monday, August 11, 2008

Memories of us at the Bare Cabin

See that cabin up in the woods? That's where we spent our weekend! It was amazing. We went with some good friends: Josh & Nellie, Clark, Kara & Madelyn and Sheldon & Jena, Bailey, Samuel and Khai. When you're getting your "to do list" together, or rather, "to pack list" you sometimes wonder, "is this worth all the work??" BUT, indeed it is! We had one of the best weekends we've had this summer!!
We arrived to a beautiful Lake just waiting to played in!!
We settled in, watched the children play and enjoyed each other's company. The cabin was laid out so well, we all had separate rooms so the kids slept well in their own little space. The next day adventure was on the list! We drank hot coffee on the deck swing, read, took naps, Jake and Tyler went fishing, the ladies went for a long walk/run, the kids swam and played in the sand, some of the guys went golfing for a few hours, Josh played his guitar, Sheldon took his kids out on the paddle boat, Jake sat on the dock and fished for hours, Lukie explored, Jena and I jumped off the dock like little kids....basically we just did whatever we wanted to do all day's the view from my morning cup of coffee..... Later that night we had a delicious dinner off the grill and spent time around the campfire. The weather was so perfect, warm enough to swim during the day and chilly enough to wear a cozy sweatshirt around the fire at night. Tyler enjoying his delicious smore!
Sweet, sweet times.

Jena with Bailey and Khai! The kids all got along so well.
Chillin' before naptime with Curious Geroge.
There was a little beach area there as well that all the kids really loved.

Especially my water Baby....Luke loves to lay flat and put his face in the water...
cracks me up! He really comes to life when he's outdoors.
Tyler wanted to jump off the dock, "like Mommy did"...we had so much fun together.
He would run fast and jumped high and long into my arms!
One afternoon, Sam and Tyler played for a long time together in the water. On our way home Sunday afternoon we stopped for ice cream at this
adorable little place along the way....
Thank you friends for a fabulous weekend together.
You are easy to be around and a joy to be with.

Looking forward to more memory making....

"Remember this ~
very little is needed
to make a happy life."
~Marcus Aurelius~


Jena said...

very little indeed-
this post brought happy tears to my eyes, love you guys

Anonymous said...

i'm ready to go back, i miss the peaceful and beautiful surroundings. it was a fabulous weekend together. definitely memories made.

love you friend.

Anonymous said...

and a happy lunchtime good morning to you! =) thanks for the info.

Jeane` Miller said...

I loved the picture from the front porch and the thought of enjoying morning coffee from that spot! Thank you for sharing those memories! (And I know I would have been fussing over that stop on the way home. I love places like that.)

Dana said...

Okay, I'm laughing over the checklist. I thought I was the only crazy one to do those lists for a casual weekend away.
Your weekend looked so fun and relaxing!!!
See you tonight.

Bess said...

I LOVE going to that's perfect for group getaways and is absolutely wonderful! Glad you had a terrific time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janelle! I was reading Carl's blog and saw your name in a comment. Your family is beautiful! Love your blog, so fun to see what you've been upto! I haven't talked to Lindy in ages...
Heather Bivins