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Friday, August 22, 2008

less then 12 hours!

until I get to LAUGH. MY. HEAD. OFF!!! We're going to see Brian Regan tonight at Hershey Theater with a group of friends! If you do not know who he is, you can click here, a past post that features him in action!!

I hope you find some laughter in your weekend as well!


"Something special happens when people laugh together over something genuinely funny, and not hurtful to anyone.
It's like a magic rain that showers down feelings of comfort,
safety and belonging to a group
~Mary Jane Belfie~


Anonymous said...

can't wait. need some laughter tonight.

Anonymous said...

I plan to add 10 years to my life tonight!! =)
Let the fun begin!

Jeane` Miller said...

I'm anxiously awaiting to read your next post, in hopes of finding out if you, indeed, actually laughed your head off (and how you gracefully managed to screw it back on!). Your dear husband had quite an adventure with mine out on Blue Marsh Saturday. I hope he wasn't too late for your dinner!!!! (So sorry!).