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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Theater Thursday

Here is my little dedication to my favorite comedian out there: Brian Regan. Thanks to my girl Kara for the introduction a few years ago, my stomach muscles haven't been the same since!! I'm SO excited, he's coming to Hershey this August....and can I just say WE WILL BE THERE. For more information on tickets, you can go to his website! ENJOY!!!! I have no doubt you will!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

peeing myself. absolutely peeing myself.
i still remember the first time clark and i saw him, our jaws & faces hurt from laughing so hard. we couldn't even drink while we were at his show, because we were so afraid we would spit it out our mouths in sheer laughter or snort it up our nose. honestly.
we hope to join you in august. can we get seats together?

thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, "Srista" and "Shrish"!!!
What a night it will be =) I wonder if Marlin will find him amusing =)..... he'll probably do like he does when I watch SNL, simply laugh at me laughing!! Shall we get some dinner first? Can't wait! "Shrish"

Anonymous said...

funny stuff!!!

"I'm the two plate guy! Anyone want to spot me? Clank. Clank."

good laugh, good laugh.

Jen said...

Hi Janelle!
It's Jen Phipps (Jeane's friend)This was so hysterical - I was laughing so hard I was crying! Thanks for the laugh - I needed it today. :-)