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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day with my Best Friend...From Tyler.

I had a really fun day last week, my best friend came to town for a visit. It was a beautiful day...

I had a yummy picnic in the field with my Mom, my Grandma, my Shrish and my cousins....

I was really excited about seeing my best friend, but I was a little scared too...Mommy held me when I was feeling scared....
Suddenly we saw him, chugging down the tracks, it was THOMAS!!!!!! My cousin Aiden went running down the lane to see him....
but I wanted to hide my eyes because I didn't know what to feel, I didn't hide for long because
I just had to see him up close with his "peep, peep" and his big, black smoke, he was AWESOME.
I opened my eyes and I'm so glad I did because I got to wave to all the people on the train and be so excited with my cousins.
"Can you believe it? We saw Thomas!!" I was so happy to have my cousins there. Mommy let us walk on the real tracks.
We walked on the tracks and looked for Thomas puffing away into his station again. I bet he was thirsty from pulling the trains down the long tracks.

I holded my cousin Aiden's hand and we talked about how neat Thomas is. My Mommy is special to take me there. I think she does it because she loves me so much and because I am her guy. Maybe next time you could come along too. I'm going to play with my pretend Thomas now.
See you later,
From: TyLeR


Jodee Leader said...

Cute Thomas the Train pictures! Thomas is coming our way soon and we plan to see it too!

Jena said...

so sweet!
did you get my email yesterday?

Anonymous said...

What a fun, fun day that was, Tyler!! I am so glad you introduced your friend "Thomas" to Chase.... I love you, Aunt Shrish

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...Eli would love that...when is Thomas usually in town? I miss you!!


Fan said...

Why did this entry make me cry?!

I think it is remembering the sheer joy of early childhood, the anticipation of something bigger than life, the wonder and newness of experiences grander than oneself, not even knowing quite what to's an absolutely precious time of life!

And I love how you capture the moments so well, Janelle. Great job!