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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Preparations for the big night

A few months ago I started thinking about how I could honor Jake for his birthday this year. He turned 35 today. I don't normally go to such lengths, but this year I just wanted to do something "out of the ordinary." I've recently begun to really fall in love with the French culture and all the simplicity, beauty and peace it seems to offer. My cousin Freiman has had several parties at his gallery in which all the guests were asked to wear, my mind got to thinking. I had to be careful not to think about it too much while falling asleep, or I WOULDN'T!!! I would lay in bed like a 12 a year the night before summer camp and just think, wonder, dream and imagine!! So, above are the invitations that I sent out:

You are cordially invited to attend
Une Soirée Blanche
(A White Evening Party)

To celebrate the birthday of Mr. Jacob K. Stoltzfus
On Saturday, July 26th, 2008.

Champagne at 5 o’clock
Dinner served at 5:30
Film at Dusk

White casual attire requested
Lancaster Avenue, Strasburg, PennsylvaniaLeraunt is a friend, (and talented chef) from Europe we met several years ago at a church we both attended. We remained friends and upon his arrival back to the states, I asked if he would help make an amazing French dinner for Jake and a few guests! He said YES!! So we were off!! We made several trips to Roots Country Market to see what they had to offer and to make final plans for the menu.

The Menu:

Amuse du Chef (a light teaser meaning to "amuse the mouth")

Summer Salad mixed with Spinach leaves, served with Artichoke, roasted Walnuts, Sesame Seeds and a touch of Lemon


Light Fried Salmon served on a bed of roaster garlic mashed potatoes, surrounded by julienne vegetables and asparagus, seasoned with Anise. Served with a home-made hollandaise sauce.

Poached Pear marinated in Vanilla and Cinnamon topped with chocolate and surrounded by fresh berries in a Cherry Flambe Sauce.

OH, I'm so excited to get the pictures back from our magical dinner party...then you'll get to see all this wonderfulness "in person." Until then, I thought I would take some time to post a few pictures of the prep that went into the meal. Here is Chef Van Loon ready for action in our darling vintage kitchen. Poor soul, he's use to state-of-the-art stainless steel kitchens....not this one!
fresh fennel and basil ready to be used....

the beginnings of an amazing appetizer, (amuse du chef). Leraunt's own homemade basil pesto.

poaching the pears in a caramelized sugar, mixed with cinnamon and HOMEMADE VANILLA EXTRACT. You should have SMELLED my kitchen! I will now hope that heaven smells like that! I asked him if I could "please bathe in that?" Unfortunately, there wasn't enough to fill the bath tub!
Stay tuned for the continuation of all this fabulousness.
What a grand evening was had by all....

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