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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Ikey Baby!"

Last Monday the boys and I went to see my Dad at his weekly bowling league get-together! What a FUN time! I just had to sit there and was like hangin' with the coolest cats in town! When my Dad would get up to bowl the guys would yell out, "ok, Ikey baby, whatca got?" with their sagging tattos and their plaid shirts. It was great! And my Dad was AWESOME! He is really, really good. Over a three game period; 700+!

He had the same things he did every time, and rightfully so....they WORKED!
And his bowling ball went soooo fast down that lane, faster then any of the other guys there!
Tyler and Luke ate chips and cheered for Grandpa! (Notice Luke stuffing his face so as to make sure he gets enough)! He loves spicy chips, just the other day he got in the chip drawer, dumped the entire bag of BBQ chips and went to town.
I ran out of quarters for the game area, so I told Tyler to ask Grandpa.
In typical Grandpa fashion, he took some quarters and put them on his head and made Tyler
reach up for them! He thought it was so funny! Luke sat at this car thing almost the entire time.
I'll go back soon, it was a great day for all!
And way to go Ikey Baby!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's our Pop!=)
I'd love to join you the next time!! "Shrish"