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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Waterford Drive

My dear friend Jeane included me as an honored guest to her Mother's table. Judy hosted a LOVELY, refreshing brunch for some of Jeane's friends as a Mother's day gift to her! What a great idea!! (one of hundreds you can see here)!! When I arrived at Judy's home, I just HAD to snap some pictures of the beautiful, thoughtfully arranged vignettes she has about her home: enjoy for yourself....straight from the pages of Victoria I'd say.... a quote so timely for any person reading it:
"Have you ever learned the beautiful art of letting God take care of you?...
It will relieve you of a thousand cares."

~A. B. Simpson~THIS is where I got to sit for the morning, to be served and loved
and to marinate in the beauty around me!
These are the ladies I had the joy of sharing my hours with:
Jessica, Jeane, me,
Emily, (and Gil taking a nap on her lap!) and Jen on her first outing since
having her precious little 3 week old baby!!
It could have all ended, and I would have left fulfilled
after eating this most delicious fruit, but it didn't...
the loveliness continued....
I. ate. every. last. bite. of. this. and. almost. licked. my. plate.,
(but decided against it because it was, after all, a ladies brunch!!)
and may I add that my orange juice did not get watered down
as I lingered over my meal because Judy had
gone so far as so make orange juice ice cubes...
the cutest little creamer & sugar pair....three words here:
continous. hot. coffee.
here I am with my new friend/neighbor Jessica, (see cool story here)
Turns out Jessica's sister and Jeane's sister are best friends!
The crazy connectedness continues....
Emily and Gilead, ("Gil")
We were to guess the # of Hershey kisses in this glass,
the closest guess got to take home a casserole for the evening's dinner
and second runner up got to take the kisses.
I came in second place and left with all those Hershey kisses
and this gift, (crabtree and evelyn soap).
Judy, THANK YOU from the top of my heart
for such a beautiful day.
My stomach was filled, but more then that,
my heart was filled with all the kindness you put into the day.
You encouraged me in your small, thoughtful ways
to serve others more...because that's where JOY comes from.
Not serving them to be noticed or valued,
but serving them to BLESS them, HONOR them, make others feel special.
You have that gift and thank you for sharing it with me!
We are in truth, more than half what we are by imitation.
The great point is to choose good models
and to study them with care.
~Lord Chesterfield~


sharon said...

Wow! What glorious fun!!!!! So. b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!

Aimee said...

You are a little posting MACHINE!! :) That brunch looks so fabulous! Are we ever going to get together again??? We must.

Jena said...

wow, what a blessing and inspiration of what joy selflessness can bring.

Judy Martin said...

Janelle, Your kindness blessed my day in a very special way. You, were truly a warm and appreciative guest. I enjoyed listening to each of you, as young mothers, share the many aspects of raising children, and life in general. It brought back many memories for me. Thank you. Judy

The lady of the house... said...

yes, it may seem the "blogging machine" has come to life, but don't be fooled. I compile them as I have time, (downloading pics, writing, gathering quotes, etc.) and then when they are complete, I publish them....makes it easier to come and go as I need to...and then there are weeks where there's a new one this past one!