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Friday, November 19, 2010

Vintage photoshoot pics~~part 2

Hello friends~wanted to share with you the rest of the pictures that Jolyn, the photographer took/edited/designed the other day from the
Vintage Photoshoot.

Now, let us remember that this was A PHOTOSHOOT
so all looks *perfect*!!

I was playing house in my empty house
, (my sister was watching my 3 children). So I got to make eggs peacefully without hungry morning bellies calling out to me and irking me first thing upon rising. Am I the only one who gets SO ANNOYED at my kids begging for food WHILE.I'M.MAKING.THE.FOOD???

I do not look like this everyday....actually ANY day
so don't let your mind play tricks on you!!

It feels really vain to be posting all these pictures of just myself.
There are way MORE IMPORTANT THINGS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD, in the lives of dear individuals, in the quiet of peoples souls and in the HEAVENLIES. It's not about me, my, and mine!!! I recognize that and I guess you could call that my *disclaimer* for posting the next 20 pictures of myself!!

Hope you enjoy the details!!

note to self: do not ever again wear stilettos while trying to ride a bike
down a busy road.

(and will "cheese it" on command~~~oh dear!!)

See that little beauty in the bottom right corner?
She's my newest find from craigslist and boy, is she a gem; an old, crackling gem, but a nameless one as of now. Feel free to leave a comment with a name that might seem fitting....remember, she's a she)!! I've had some good suggestions, but nothing has really clicked as of yet, (I like to name my favorite things..... yes, I am odd and I'm ok with that)!
I have so many fond memories of listening to our record player as a child.
Especially over Christmas...."Come on, Ring those Bells" by Evie was my favorite!
I found it at Goodwill the other day, (practically brand new) and may or may not have squealed out loud with delight!!

This next picture holds a lot of symbolism for me.
Most mornings I pick an apron that somewhat goes with what I'm wearing.
(I don't know when this started happening, but it's been a few years now).

And when my day is done it finally comes off and goes back on the hook, (or in the wash depending on the type of day it was or if one of the children had a runny nose)!!!!
Just a little something that she captured that is special to me.

Reality just got home.....all 3 of them!!! xoxo

Talk to you later......

"God gave us memories
that we might have roses in December."
~J.M. Barrie, Courage, 1922


Ang Stoltzfus said...

LOVE the pics janelle!!! they are so you!! & YES, i too get way so irritated when crying & whining & fits are thrown for food...when i am making it!! our youngest still doesn't understand that most food (especially nourishing food) usually doesn't "make" itself! =)
she's been known to throw fits in Costco cause she wanted oatmeal right on the spot.. nevermind that it was instant & still in the box.
anyways....HOPING that i get a stash of "janelle massage" certificates for christmas!
wish we could have hung out yesterday...but as fast as time flies our next "date" will be here soon!
cheers from a mile away!

Vickie said...

Fiona or Sephora

Melissa S. said...

So very beautiful as always! I don't comment very often but I hardly ever miss a post! I love your heart and the way you verbalize it!

rosa said...

omw, you are so creative. these pics are beautiful. the one pic you look so much like fan. good job jolyn. had fun seeing these

Kara Stoltzfus said...

Loving it, loving you!
(so need a copy of one of those photo's, to hang on my fridge. Will make me smile everyday!)

Kara Stoltzfus said...
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clarita said...

Just GORGEOUS! I have a few favorites in there, but they are all so beautiful! YOU are so beautiful! Jake must be proud. Very proud. :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Beautiful, creative photography and you are the perfect model. What fun!

Jeane` said... them all...but one of the ones that stood out to me most was not in here, but on Facebook. It was all black and white, except for red portions of your bike and your red lips. LOVED it!!!

consume me... said...

Great memories! I'm partial to Vicky...short for Victrola, of course.