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Monday, November 15, 2010

Some words from Rita Springer

When I first started listening to and loving *worship music* it was the good ol' Vineyard TAPES that were my favorite, (yes, I'm old I guess)! This was one of my favorite.....when it was released I listened to it day and night....and if I remember correctly one time I was driving with a friend, (Ang) and her tape player wasn't working, so we had one of those little kid radios, (the one with the pretend microphone attached to it), we loaded that thing with fresh batteries and we were on our way to the beginnings of TBS, (Tuesday night Bible Study). The joy of worshipping with a friend is hard to replicate!!

During those days a name started becoming more popular, Rita Springer.
So for the past 15 years I've been following her music and attending her conferences and such.

Today I was reading her blog and she said some beautiful things
that I thought I'd pass along:

"I am grateful for how the Lord has cleared the counters of my life of so many things that didn’t need to be there any longer. I tend to take on responsibilities I just was never supposed to. The gracious hand of God, trying to teach me to let go of what is not mine to worry about has been really freeing. I love the statement in scripture, “It is for freedoms sake that Christ has set us free.” (Gal 5) I’ve been pondering the part of “for freedoms sake”.

How often do we muck up the atmosphere of our lives by hanging on to responsibilities we feel tied to or guilty keeping? It’s really quite a revelation to let go of something you don’t know is binding you until you finally let it go and freedom rushes over your senses! I have had to take a long hard look at my “to do” list and my “keep this going” list and start really crossing off the things that I don’t need “to do” anymore and I don’t need to “Keep this going” any longer. It’s been as simple as telling myself, the dishes left in the sink will be okay left there to clean in the morning……..laying down friendships that are one sided and not worth all the emotion put into them. It’s fighting sleep thinking: about the piles of office work on my desk….and….spending all day holding a sick child and getting none of it done!

Life is a boatload of responsibilities and the way I am learning how to walk out shouldering them is to not let the effect of them weigh me down. Instead, I am learning to carry only the responsibilities that I can find positive outcomes in. The past 6 months have been such a heart opening experience! Watching the faithfulness of God come without even answering the natural prayer. How is that? Well, it can happen.

It does not mean that you don’t still feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated at times. It simply means you cast your cares on the Lord and he sustains the righteous. Sustains……sustains. Keeps me going . Keeps me feeling supported, held, able to bear it. (dictionary meanings) For Freedoms Sake. For the sake of the way I feel with the weight off me even while still having to walk out all the responsibilities is liberating.

Literally, liberating."

"Hungry, I come to You for I know You satisfy,
I am empty, but I know Your love does not run dry,
so I wait for You, yes I wait for You...."
~Kathryn Scott~


Kara Stoltzfus said...

are you speaking directly to me?
God has been working on my heart in this area, thanks for more encouragement.

love you.

TSM said...

Winds of Worship Live from London is a great CD!!!

Jeane` said...

I know of what you write: "Watching the faithfulness of God come without even answering the natural prayer". So, so true. And as always, so well put, my friend.

The lady of the house... said...

Jeane'~i wish i would have said that, but it was Rita Springer, (most of today's post were her words, directly from her blog)!

Vickie said...

So beautiful. The Lord has been liberating me this past week through His word, the words spoken through a surgeon, words of a nurse...all directly into my heart. I am grateful. I am being set free. Thank you for sharing words from Rita. Also, thanks for the introduction, years ago, to our friend Rita. Oh how her words and worship have carried me. Love you Girl!