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Monday, November 1, 2010


WOW!! First of all, thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a little comment on Fridays's so interesting reading about who YOU are, (and I wasn't expecting all the kind words about this blog, so thanks for that TOO)!! Also, I've got some great new ideas of songs to download onto my ipod....thanks for sharing your favorite songs with all of us!!!!

So, a couple weeks ago I entered a contest here. Just one of those things you do on a whim, never thinking you'll actually win!!!! But, ALAS~~~I was the winner!!!!

Part of entering was sending the photographer a favorite picture of yourself, just YOU....and you won't believe it, (as much as we love to take pics around here)....I couldn't find a picture of JUST MYSELF that I liked, (they were all with Jake or with the children, or both).

THE PRIZE for this giveaway was a photoshoot with JUST YOURSELF and YOU have to come up with an outfit, a location and any props for the photoshoot.

Do you want to know my ideas?

I'm in my vintage kitchen on a beautiful sunny day,
with my favorite apron on and my big ol' mixing bowl in hand, vintage looking containers strewn about, or maybe I'm putting on a record on my new little record player or reading an old vintage magazine while drinking a cup of coffee at my kitchen table, then my vintage phone rings and I'm talking to my friend....
all the while, I'm
wearing something like this~~~

or perhaps this beauty??

OOOOR, maybe this one.....

and I have on a string of pearls and high heels

and my hair looks like this....
and my lips look like these....

I don't know....maybe this is all a perfectly good waste of a perfectly good prize!!?? Maybe I should just be *practical* and not play dress up or pretend I'm something I'm not......


If you were in my black heels what would you do?

Remember, I get to pick~~~

2.) location.
3.) props.

"She glances at the photo,
and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes."
~Frank Deford~


Jena said...

I say go for the vintage theme baby.... once in a lifetime opportunity for you to do something that you have wanted to do for a long time(dress up like you are from the '50's)
love you lots girl!!!
and ps- I am quite sure you have someone to do your hair, but if you are in need I am here!)

Michelle said...

Oh My Freakin' Goodness Janelle! I can't believe this!!! I CANNOT wait to see what you come up with. Whatever it is, you are going to be so gorgeous {there's not much that can be done to make you more gorgeous anyway}, the camera won't be able to handle it. Nor will Jake. Nor will anyone else who comes across your picture. I'm so excited for you!!! :)

Jessica Sue said...

Vintage. Kitchen. All the way!!

melissa hoffman said...

ohhh, the vintage idea is to DIE for! And I love the black it, Janelle! Magazines are always recreating pictures from the 50's and 60's, so why not?

Jena said...

oooooh... FALSE EYELASHES!!! and a for real reason to wear them!!!

AmyK said...

I vote for the blue/aqua dress - you could imitate the old 1950s commercials where the woman is perfectly styled and manicured etc while doing all of her domestic chores.

Have FUN!

Anonymous said...

I vote yes on the vintage photo shoot!!!

~Krista K.

Orpha Hostetter said...

Janelle....definitely the black dress. It is very flattering and beautiful...just like you. You are so much fun. Your kids are going to have so many great memories!

clarita said...

DEFINITELY go vintage!! That is just the coolest idea EVER!! [congratuations on winning the contest, by the way!! wow!] I was just reading some of the "Dick & Jane" books to Zoe this afternoon, her latest favorite. I must say I do not enjoy reading them in the short, very repeated style in which they are written, but I was so admiring the pictures! The high heels on the mother, the business suit and coat on the father, the hats on both mother and daughters when they went out to town... I was thinking of doing a post on some of that myself, and was delighted beyond words to see you are thinking of doing a photo shoot like that! Just way too cool. :) Be SURE to post pictures, okay?!

And on your post after this on the Amish culture... I am still Mennonite, which has some similarities, but incredible vast differences as well. I have often wondered where I'd be had my grandparents not chosen to leave the Amish church, and then my parents not chosen to leave. Granted, my parents would probably not even be together as they're from different states. And while I think there are some positive things about that culture, I cannot imagine being there myself. It is such a privilege to live in the freedom of Jesus Christ!!

Happy Tuesday to you!

The lady of the house... said...

THANKS EVERYONE for your input!!! The more I think about, the more the vintage theme seems to be the right choice.

Jena~wanna do my hair??? I'd LOVE it!! :)Actually, I totally need a haircut first. Want to do that one too?? And I don't know the FIRST thing about false you??

Clarita~i love those books too, (to look at that is)!! ;)
*i copied the last part of your comment on the other post if you don't mind, so that others can see it in reference*
xoxo, see you over the holidays??

Jena said...

I would totally love to do your hair!!! and would love to cut/trim it for you :) plus, I need to see you:)

lets get it on the calendar.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the vintage totally you. And if I were you doing the whole vintage thing I would definitely pick the black dress with bright red pumps and cherry red pearls to match....and let us not forget the cherry red lipstick :)

But of course thats just me....

Christy said...

Janelle what a fun idea!!! You totally have to do it. Hey you only live once and that would be so memorable!!! Great ideas! The black dress is my favorite too.