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Monday, November 8, 2010


who entered our 500th giveaway!!!

It was fun for me to put together and anyone that knows me knows I like me some fun!
In an awesome, wealthy world I would have sent EACH ONE of you this prize...I wanted to.

Every time someone else would enter, "oooh, I hope they win, that would be so sweet!" I would think.....especially when I could picture your homes and your children all snuggled in that cozy blanket! But alas, there can be only one!!

So here's how the winner was chosen: I used "true random number generator."
entered number 1-84.


and the 62nd comment was from:

TERRI over at Consume Me from the Inside Out!!!
She also use to have a darling little store in town THAT IS MISSED SO MUCH called "Lulu and Tutz"!!

She lives HERE~~~

before I knew the person who lived here I did a post about this DREAM COTTAGE, because I would drive by it so often....just to find out it was Terri's parent's house!!!
SMALL LITTLE WORLD!!! Her parents have sinced downsized so her childhood home is now her adult home! So sweet!!!

I'll deliver it to your home later this week!!!
(or if you drive by and see my car, just stop on in)!!!!

"Winter is the time for comfort,
for good food and warmth,
for the touch of a friendly hand
and for a talk beside the fire:
it is the time for home."
~Edith Sitwell~


consume me... said...

WHAT! That is so sweet!!! I never win anything! {not true...I've won a lot in this world, but never from a "contest" I've entered!} Why don't you call first and stay for a cup of coffee?! Inboxing you my cell# on Fb! Thank you!

Shelly said...

Congrats to your winner . . . I never stopped in at "Lulu & Tutz", but it often caught my eye and I wondered what was inside . . .

I have a question for you. Do you know of a way to reply to comments on your blog and have the commenters actually receive that comment into their inbox (like Xanga does?) I am not much of a xanga fan, but that IS one feature that seems to be really NICE! I often go back into my comments and write back to people, but I don't think they ever read them unless they HAPPENED to click the "Email follow-up comments" when they themselves commented. Know what I mean?

Vickie said...

I am SO thrilled for Terri!!! I have stopped bu Lulu and Tutz via their blog and Terri and I have exchanged "chatter" a bit. So happy for you Terri! Love your cottage too!

Jeane` said...

I am sooooo happy Terri won!!!! And how fun the whole thing was for always put together the best gifts!!!
Love to you!

The lady of the house... said...

I TOO WAS SO DELIGHTED TO SEE TERRI AS #62!! i was all giddy just counting down because i knew i would be happy for whomever won!

@Shelly~~I don't know, but when you find out, let me know because it's something i've wanted to do for awhile. Thanks!!